The Avalon Mist Protection Spray

Avalon Mist Protection Spray

Sorry, this product has been discontinued. After Tony Blair came up with his non-existent, exploding liquid threat, the airlines eventually prohibited the posting of liquids via the post office. It’s rather sad because people loved this product and it really worked for them. I’m so sorry, the fascists will reign for a while longer I’m afraid.

Avalon Mist Protection Spray

The Avalon Mist Protection Spray

The Celts had clean water, which is the great secret to all magical healing. Today, the water we get even in mineral water bottles is full of bacteria, and tap water is recycled sewage. We collect drinking water from a very pure, sacred well that St. Patrick used for healing and baptisms in 447 A.D. and 448 A.D. It’s very bright.

I’ve made bottles of protection spray from the well water, it’s mixed with lavender and a few drops of Jagermeister and then I put in the Logos codes in.

We spray the mist when the dark forces are about, or in our bedrooms to block the bleak feelings that can come about because of night-time ghoul activity. It works brilliantly. People love it!

What the People say

As a therapist that visits patients in their own homes I plan to use the spray to help build up protection and softness in my dealings with people. Andrew, Buckinghamshire UK 

My cat got injured so I sprayed the water on her before going to the animal hospital…When we arrived and I took her out of her carrier the swelling in her face had decreased by two-thirds…I was amazed.  Thank you!Lots of Love Lisa, New Hartford, Connecticut (USA)

Some days ago I got the idea to try to spray the mist on the knee before going to bed. The next morning it was better. And know after a few days treatment at night it has almost recovered. That’s miraculous… the pain has gone and it doesn’t get tired when walking to the metro, and I can carry a bag with groceries without hurting now. The mist has healed it. Love, BB …Denmark

Thanks so much.  [The mist] was like being showered in love when I used it. It lifted my spirits greatly……have been under the ‘weather’ energetically so to speak. Love, love,  Ms.HS, Victoria, Australia

Just letting you know that our Avalon spray arrived yesterday, {ordered by Lincoln} and we are thrilled to bits with it…I sprayed it on myself and in the air about me when I felt really odd after encountering a certain persons energy…and within two minutes my entire energy field cleared and I have felt quite amazing since…about nine hours now. Ms. C.G  NZ

I was helped by the Avalon Mist last evening.  After eating some dinner I had some intense pains in my abdomen and sprayed myself with the mist about 3 times and was finally able to go to sleep.  Feel much better this morning.

….thank you very much for my pot of  Avalon mist ,with  which i am delighted! it arrived on Saturday morning.

i have already noticed a new calm about myself and have found the atmosphere in my bedroom much easier to get into a pre-med.relaxed state wishing you love and transcendence. Mr TW UK

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