Sodom & Tomorrow

In the Bible it says, God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because the people were degraded and evil. Below is an interesting National Geographic You Tube on it.

I’ve said that human evolution is regressing not progressing, for while we have gizmos and techno-weenies, the soul of our humanity is lost in its hell worlds. There is less and less art and culture and refinement, and more and more crass predatory aspects to degrade the feminine spirit and humans in general.

Predatory degradation and corruption causes great pain for the victims of its abuse and rip offs. But does God rub out evil? I don’t think so. Certainly Gaia acts to protect herself but she’s not “anti” any one particular town or place. Is Fukushima more degraded than say Manchester or Tokyo? I think not.

And then degradation causes individuals bad karma, they get sick and die, or they have accidents. Their glamour, their love of self is crushed, but that is not retribution, it is self-inflicted.

It’s exciting to avoid Sodom and Tomorrow—which is nothing more than the global karma that is closely upon us. It’s seven billion karmas finding themselves all about the same time.

Go the other way, release yourself from the destiny of man (its karma), to do that you have to embrace the three graces, tenderness, generosity and respect. Then you are free.

By being kind, respectful and pure in your heart, you can walk through mayhem unscathed and thrive when others face devastation. And you can teach the method to your friends and family if they will listen. Stuart Wilde

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