On the Road Again

I’m on the road again, the horse is called Ackroid. I really love it but it farts too much. I’ll have to talk to a horse trainer I know about New Age diets for horses.

In 2009 I saw several visions that instructed me not to go on the road for three years. So I waited. I can see now why I got those instructions.  The stigmata in my hands and feet went ballistic from December 2009 ‘til now. The ghoul attacks raged for thirty months night and day.

I have always lived in hotels and moved about, never living anywhere in particular, I’m so happy to be back in that lifestyle, Free at last.

When you are on the journey you see a lot of inner world reality, Gaia is beautiful but the real world of 3-D is dull and deathly boring, like watching paint dry. Traveling helps me stay alive and fresh.

The Mirror Words are in front of you, 18 inches from your nose, and they are also to your right at 90 degrees. You can be viewing anywhere in the world in six seconds via the Mirror-Worlds, it’s exciting.

I was in Paris the other night; I like Paris and the French. The buildings started to collapse. I pulled back a bit and watched from about 500 feet up in the air. It was eerie.

Les Deux Magots

The wall between the 90 degree Mirror-World and us is breaking down; we’ll be able to walk in there physically soon. So by walking a few yards to your right you would be physically in Paris, not just watching it, and you could hail a cab for Les Deux Magots for lunch. Nice place. Stuart Wilde.

Me, Willie, and Ackroid singing as we go…

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