Global DMT Release & the Day of Judgement

Myself, Tom Lishman and others, have all had a series of the same teachings on an up-coming event, whereby Gaia enacts a global release of DMT. 30,000 plants have DMT in them according to Terence McKenna.

If there were a release of DMT from the human pineal or from the plants, the whole world simultaneously would go into a trance-like  journey, they would often see the hellish nature of their souls. And they would see what they have done to the animals and the earth in general. The DMT release would act as the Biblical Day of Judgment.

The release would last for seven days, according to Tom Lishman.  When the process was shown to me I became unstable after three hours, because at the time I didn’t understand what was happening to me. I don’t do drugs and I had not taken any Ayahuasca on that day. I was in an apartment in Vancouver, it was eight in the morning when the DMT release started spontaneously.

If humans could see their darkness and the pain they have caused, the earth would transcend over night, and then many would go insane once they saw the karma they have created for themselves.



When you go on an Ayahuasca journey you are sometimes shown bits of your dark to help you realize, and partly the journey is celestial, it’s a controlled process, but a chaotic release would mean people would see a lifetime of evil playing in front of them as a video clip on a TV screen.

Humans don’t know they are dark, they make excuses and they don’t know about the ghouls in the hell worlds, which are often devils they have incubated and made alive during this life. Interesting eh?

Here’s what Tom wrote about his experience and my reply, its all very interesting if you have time to read it. If the Day of Judgment comes we’ll be there to help people survive it. Stuart Wilde

Ayahuasca Vision – Rebalancing the Earth, Tom Lishman

I have recently had the privilege to be the facilitator at a number of Ayahuasca ceremonies in Ecuador, the power of the sacred plant never ceases to amaze me. The ceremonies have been very healing for all involved as well as being very visionary.

My fifth night was very intense with the medicine being the strongest it has been for me for some time. It kicked in almost immediately and I was taken and shown the world at the edge of insanity.

For three hours I was surrounded by a madness so intense that it almost overwhelmed me. I was at a loss to understand why I was being shown this. After the madness subsided I received an amazing insight into what I had experienced.

Gaia showed me how, if mankind does not turn away from its destructive cycle towards the planet, one of the ways she would rebalance the planet would be to release DMT, phenethylamines and triptamines into the atmosphere …but not lasting 15 minutes or even 2 to 3 hours …. rather 7 days.

You can imagine the result. She showed me the world going insane as they could not cope with what they saw … the DMT infiltrated everything including the computer networks. Only a handful of humans would survive the trauma of what they were shown about themselves and the human condition.

Only those with pure, unconditional love in their hearts, who have experience of plant medicines to prepare them for an event like this have a chance of surviving.

(DMT is normally released only two times in the human lifespan – at birth and death) so the world in this case would be experiencing death by insanity. He also felt that this event would occur sooner rather than later, as Gaia and mankind rush towards a new consciousness. “Ding Ding … time to get on the bus ….”

(Tom Lishman)

(From Stuart: Dear Tom, I was shown this very same thing some years ago here it is below).

Eyes Open (Stuart Wilde)

I lay on my bed at 8 am to meditate and immediately I saw the hell worlds and the ghouls, this was back in the summer of 2005 when I was not as well versed in fighting in the dark worlds as I later became.

The experience was very intense and scary. I opened my eyes and got up to make a coffee, but I could still see the ghouls and the demonic worlds eyes open or shut. I couldn’t get rid of them. I was becoming a bit desperate and like Tom’s experience above I did not understand why I was being shown these worlds.

I battled on for three hours immersed in this hellish state and just as I felt I was going round the bend and that I should call a taxi to go to the hospital for help, the visions instantly stopped.

Later the Beings explained that I had to see what it would be like for the world if they ever saw the truth of their hellish sentiments and cruelty to Gaia and what they emit day-to-day. I was told quite clearly the day will come.

I have been so lambasted and pilloried for my teachings about the other worlds, both celestial and evil, it would be great if the whole world could see what the visionaries and I see and know the truth of it all.

Once people can see the truth they can be rescued and brought back, but while they are trotting along blindfolded, oblivious …vaporizing in their feigned wonderfulness, hurting Gaia as they do, the ghouls will always have the people in their grip and so they have the upper hand. (sw)

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