Christian Fundamentalists–Raise the Plord!

Christian fundamentalist think they know it all and that they are right. When people are dogmatic and they think they are right, say to them “You are right.” It’s nice to make people happy.

One day I was looking out of my window and the sun came up and I said “Praise the Lord”, the Teddies threw their arms in the air and said “Raise the Plord,”

I said “No no, it’s Praise the Lord”.

“Yes, that’s what we said” they answered “Raise the Plord”. So now we all go round saying, “Raise the Plord”.

The Fundamentalists believe the Bible word-for-word. I have a copy of the Nigerian highway code, it talks of the dangers of over-thinking while driving, I believe it word-for-word. The Nigerian highway code doesn’t mention the return of Jesus. The Fundamental ones believe JC is coming back.

JC ain’t daft. He is back but he’s hiding from those doing the fundamental-funky-chicken-dance. JC is more hip-hop than polyester suits, so you can see why. Plus JC is a vegetarian so fried chicken makes him pass out.

It’s all good in the Shire.

Keep people happy, pretend to believe everything. Did you know that one day all the religions disappear? If I tell you how you probably will not believe me.

Here goes for a bit of fun. The ground starts to dematerialize because of the Morph, and it goes to the consistency of wet cement, like a thick soup, and all the buildings sink without trace in minutes.

Many of the animals sink as well, that made me sad. Gaia has to reduce the global methane levels. At the point the slurry forms there aren’t many humans here anymore, 40,000 maybe in total.

Some of the stuff one sees in the Aluna Mirror-Worlds defies description really. Stuart Wilde.

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