The Color of Music

photo: Julie Hernderson

I went west to listen to some Irish trad’ bands, I like their music, it has a lot of pathos and feeling and the rhythms move me. I made some Irish albums ten years ago, I really enjoyed it. Music is how a nation talks to itself; it’s how it remembers the poetry of its true soul.

At times, I can see the colors of music as it come out of the instruments, or if it is played from a CD I see the colors come out of the speakers. When the colors are deep green, or blue, or purple, the music heals one’s soul and evokes joy, and it carries one upwards towards the celestial, it comes out in rolling waves.

And other music is black and yellow, like a bumble bee that is about to sting one. Or, it’s red and black, that music is very jagged on its edges, like the sharp teeth of a saw, zig-zag, it cuts the room and takes people towards insanity, or it evokes their repressed anger.

Then there is emotional, dysfunctional music, ballads of woe, they are often sludge brown and orange, they usually make me feel unwell.

The dog in the photo is called Rosie, and the donkey is called Fungi after a famous dolphin of that name.

If you surround yourself with beauty, your life becomes ever more beautiful. If you entertain zig-zag ugliness or orange sludge, just a few minutes of that can make you go dark for many many hours even days.

Stuart Wilde

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