Un-duckable Karma

I was shown in the inner worlds, while in trance, a concept I call un-duckable karma.

You can fix your karma if you fix your feelings and become kinder and softer, but some people are too far-gone. The self-correcting Gaia system needs them to destroy themselves, as they are a detriment, an impediment to the natural order and the light.

The ninety-three American senators that voted for the arrest without trial law (NDAA), have chained themselves to the gates of hell without knowing it.

I’m sure their act seems innocuous and of little consequence to them, but even seemingly unimportant actions may be a death sentence, like spite say. Spite causes serious accidents.

The inner worlds are very precise and energy moves for the slightest reasons. You can’t vote for arrest without trial without being deeply evil and cruel. Un-duckable karma sets itself up. There are no accidents.

Be magnificent in a silent, humble way, and believe in the light within you and guard it. In this way you can change everything. Pray for guidance. Stuart Wilde

P.S. I’ve been studying the inner world causes of diseases, as I’m sure repressed anger comes out of a person’s mind-body-spirit system as disease.

So far I’ve only be shown a small teaching about callous indifference. But we do know every second, every thought, every feeling, every minute act of your life is recorded forever. Nothing is secret. That was shown in the early years, over and over.

Stuart Wilde (www.stuartwilde.com)
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