End of Crop Circles

Years ago I saw a massively powerful vortex pulsing at about the height of the top of Silbury Hill in the center of the crop circle area of England.

Silbury Hill. Built by hand between 2800 BC and 2500 BC. It's been calculated it took 500 men 15 years to build.

The pulses went in waves across the countryside destroying the ghouls’ ability to impact the crops. I don’t think there have been any circles round the hill since, though there are a few every year over the brow of the opposite hill where the neolithic tomb of the West Kennet Long Barrow is. The pulse went flat across the land, it could not go over a rise in the ground opposite Silbury Hill where the barrow is.

When you go in a crop circle it’s a dead zone, an infra-red hot spot, it’s like being in a microwave oven, it can make you very sick very quickly.

A student had two sets of plants as a science project, she watered one set with microwave water and the others with regular water, all the microwave plants died. Very toxic.

The White Horse, Milk Hill, Wiltshire

Then I saw a vision of Milk Hill where the White Horse is, it’s another famous crop circle site, in my vision there were sheep and seagulls placed strategically all over the fields, inhibiting crop circle formation. Gaia’s fighting back, placing the animals in the way protecting the land.

I expect the crop circles to be over once all the UFOs have died and the ghouls have gone. That’s my prediction for now anyway. Love triumphs. Stuart Wilde

Stuart Wilde (www.stuartwilde.com)
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