My ol’ Teacher Said Hitler Would Return

My ol’ teacher said in 1976 that Hitler would come back and that fascism would return, and he went on to say that when that happened the Tao would return and the Feminine spirit would come.


Ireland: The Feminine Spirit Has Come

I didn’t know if he meant it literally that Hitler would reincarnate, or just the spirit of Hitler. Certainly some think the fascist president Obama is Hitler, but I doubt it, as he’s a bit too stupid to be the real thing.

Hitler was very bright; very clever, he knew the occult and he was very perceptive—Obama is as thick as two planks, he has the perception of a slug on a slimy rock.

Obama is on the way he won’t live but what comes next is worse.

And the Tao has come, as my teacher said it would. We see it as the Tua de Dannan, the fairy gods of Ireland coming to fight with us, and I saw the stone of Midir today. Midir was Dana son.

So its on the up. More later, I’m very busy right now on a  Hooded Sage gig. Stuart Wilde

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