How We Use the Golden Garlic

Readers are writing in asking how to use the garlic.

In Cooking: Put a tablespoon in soups or a stir fry. It’s beyond delicious.

Daily Use: If your immune system is a bit shot, spread two cloves on a cracker at night before bed. Keep using it until you feel you have gotten stronger.

Against Cold and Infections: Use two cloves on a cracker three times daily. Or, if you are really unwell, take a tablespoon a day until you feel better.

Seven Jesus Hands: Every vial or jar of garlic or the bottles of Avalon protection mist has millions of codes in it, and no bottle or jar leaves my hands until I see the vision of the Jesus purple hand nine times. I evoke the visions of his hands with a special sound I was taught. I place that in each and every jar, vial, or bottle. Thank you for your time. Stuart Wilde