Good Friday & Easter’s Enigma

In the Christian religion Good Friday is the day Christ died on the cross, I’m not sure why it’s referred to as good. That’s very odd.

He then rose again after three days according to the  Bible, so Easter, which celebrates his ascension, should be on Monday, but it’s on Sunday. That’s always confused me.

Easter Monday in Britain is one of the biggest racing days of the year, thirty-odd tracks have a meeting, so I reckon in England anyway, they moved the ascension back a day to Sunday, so as not to infer with the horse racing and a grand day out.



When the ego finally dies and we become filled with the God-light that is a modern ascension, that can happen any day of the week, it’s known as My Less Arseholic Day.

Happy Ascension Day everyone,  welcome to more light. Stuie Wilde

If you fancy a bit of ascension you might consider this book below. Helps a lot. Steal it from the library, borrow it from a friend, or bite the bullet and buy it from Amazon. Tee hee. SW


The Art of Redemption by Stuart Wilde
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