Goldman Slags in Prostitution Ring

It was discovered a few days ago that the NY investment bank, Goldman Slags, owns 16% of a prostitution ring/business called

They panicked and sold their shares to the current management of the company.

A month ago, I saw a vision of one of their trading rooms, it was covered in black tubes and snakes. Because they are in with the Federal Reserve they know what’s going to happen next in the market, and so they get to cream investors day-and-night with insider trading. The speed of greed–yes indeed.

Later it was discovered they are one of the top ten owners of another sex-trade company called, Adult Friend Finder. Degradation is endemic to power, child abuse, sex slaves, rent boys, drug dealing, black magic, on and on, it’s all linked.

Imagine going down to your bank and there’s a poster of the girls and rent boys available tonight, next to the latest mortgage rates. The women that works at Goldman Slags must feel awful, and I’m sure the female customers of the bank would take a very poor view of prostitution as an investment for their money. I find it sad. We have to pray for a better world to come. Stuart Wilde

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