Bono in the Pub

So I was in Dublin and U2’s lead singer, Bono was in the pub.

Bono in Dublin Pub

He said “How long are you staying Stuie?”…. I replied “til ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday‘”.

“And where’s your hotel?” he asked…. ‘On The Street With No Name‘”, I replied,

“and by the way ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For‘”,

Bono replied, “If you find it, ‘I Will Follow‘”.

“Let’s have a drink” I said, this gaff doesn’t close til “11 O’Clock Tick Tock“.

“‘Achtung Baby‘ mine’s a Guinness”, chuckled Bono.

“‘Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses’,…. ‘Miss Sarajevo‘, or her sister ‘Gloria’?” asked Bono,… “‘She’s The Sweetest Thing… ‘Even Better Than The Real Thing‘…. in ‘Mysterious Ways‘, she’s the ‘One‘…. ‘Staring At The Sun‘.” he added.

“Yeah Bono, ‘Two Hearts Beat as One.'”

Then as I was about leave he asked, “What will you do on the ‘Last Night On Earth’? ‘If God Will Send His Angels‘”.

“l’ll ‘Walk On‘ Bono, it’s a ‘Beautiful Day‘…. ‘When Love Comes To Town‘” I said, just as I wished him goodbye. Stuart Wilde

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