What the Christ Light Looks Like

The Christ light looks exactly like this amazing, white light animation below, except it seems to strobe round a room horizontally not so much up and down as in this animation, it travels around the room at a height of about four or five feet off the ground. It’s white in color.

It makes a full circuit round a room say, in about 6-8 seconds, each flash of the light is about the size of a large rugby ball, or twice the size of a NFL football.

Yesterday I saw Jesus strobing the light from high up, he was standing 2000 feet high in the air at the time, over Katmandu, Nepal.

Katmandu is a sacred place, I wrote the Quickening there, but it has become infested over the years with gangsters, terrorists and various low-life people.

The arrival of the Christ light will change things. I’ve tried directing the light at people that are sick, and a couple of times I’ve been successful, and most other times it goes where it wants to go.

Very interesting, it grants me a huge boost to my moral. Stuart Wilde


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