Transdimensional Beings Amongst Us

I have friend that can see the other worlds very well, he has the same hands as I have. He does miracle healings but in secret.

He sent me this experience below that he had of transdimensional beings in a shopping mall, he kindly said I could publish it. Below his email is my answer to him.

The Matrix Twins

Dear Stuart,

I would be very grateful for your opinion on this experience which came to mind after reading your posting “the dark band”: On a Saturday in very a crowded shopping area, my attention was drawn to two males about 50 meters away, they were identically dressed and seemed like identical twins to me. They seemed to be having a nice time. However something didn’t seem right.

As they got closer they realized I was watching them, they started shivering and exuding fear, evil and hate. One of them disappeared, the other seemed to want to stick it out.

As I watched, his fake skin sort of melted away from his face, underneath it was a a dull grey metallic colour, the eyes were big but had no eyeballs just the same metallic colour. He kept his distance and then disappeared into the crowd.

I was with my wife who was in a hurry as the shops were about to close so I couldn’t watch further. I had tears in my eyes for days, it was clear that these creatures didn’t have the interests of humanity as their agenda. My conclusion is these are creatures masquerading in 3D as humans and can’t be identified by the vast majority of humans. (end of email)

My Reply


Usually when humans are reptiles their pupils go to slits like a cat’s eye, but sometimes it’s more than that, and one see a pointed arch in the left eye like the top of a small church window.

The non-humans take two forms I know of….maybe many more, first are the living dead, they are humans that look ordinary but they are not really inside their bodies, they have been captured …they are automatons with no emotions ….they talk in short abrupt busts of a few words at a time. They are very mechanical and heartless, sometimes their movements are a bit jerky. They twitch.

Then there beings like the ones you saw, non-human transdimensionals. As you say, they became scared because they knew you knew …they knew that you could see them. They normally operate in secret, like the Men in Black. I once helped a friend rub out nine of the Men in Black in the South of France in 2007.

I’ve seen humans shed their human skin and go to green or grey scales and a zig zag spine that comes off their normal spine. They have an eerie callous look about them, sneering

I think you saw non-human beings like the two twins from the Matrix. Much love stuie wilde

Footnote by SW:

There are billions of beings on earth, or those that hover close to it (18 inches) that are not human, like the Greys for example.

And some can affect a human disguise, or they morph into half-beast, half human. Some are pig-like, they have snouts, they smell terrible like a rotting swamp.

Over the years we have done our best to rub these transdimensional (TDs) out, as they spread despair and pain but millions maybe billions still remain.

There are a lot in Mexico. The Mexicans are a very victimized people, the TDs really hurt them. It’s very sad. Mexican TV promotes it all the time, which doesn’t help one bit.

Stuart Wilde (
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I went to Mexico to fight with the TDs, but they were scared and they didn’t come out of hiding. I’ll have to go back one day when I come up with a Plan B.
‘Ole! I shall return baby” as Schwarzenegger might say.

Stuart Wilde (




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