The Mystery of Gaia and the Archway of Roses

Exactitude is a spiritual quality. It takes you from diffused and sometimes dishonest to being precise with people and more real. Now here enters the goddess and a comprehension of the wider journey for in essence the Morph that I talk about is linked to Gaia and the goddess, and the Morph is a wonderful gift that will lead you on, now and in the years to come, it will teach you many things, interesting things that almost no one knows.

Interference Patterns: An interference pattern is created when photons of light bump into each other when passing through a small gap. If you have never seen this put your forefinger and second finger almost together and bring them up to your eyes, leave a very small gap between them and in there you will seen feint, parallel, back lines. If you don’t see them at first, adjust how close or far apart your fingers are. The black lines are interference patterns caused by photons of light interfering with each other as they pass between your fingers.

The famous French scientist Alain Aspect used this slit experiment to prove the non-local nature of quantum particles. The Morph, we believe, is also an interference pattern, albeit a very complex one that occurs when energy/light coming in from a multi-dimensional hyperspace crosses photons of light found here on earth in our 3-D reality. We have no idea as yet what is the mysterious source of the Morph, or why it is here at this time. We guess it is to do with renewal and what has become know in New Age circles as the descent of the goddess.  Certainly, it is by far and away the most extraordinary thing that has ever happened in spirituality and metaphysics.

The Morph first appeared in Australia in March of 2001. It dematerializes solid objects like the human body. The Soft Lens The Morph is soft and gentle, and in it are little colored specks that I termed the speckled ambience. It seems to us very feminine and it acts as lens into many other worlds, one of which is what I call the mirror-world. I discovered we are all in that mirror-world dimension while still alive.

The Goddess as a Multi-Dimensional Force Field (Brane) A brane* is a spatially extended force field in multi-dimensional hyperspace. Imagine it as a sheet of plastic floating in hyperspace made up of very tiny squiggles of energy. Some scientist suggest that our universe formed when two branes, larger and older than our Universe, intersected and /collided. Initially I thought the Morph to be from a ten dimensional world but later visions showed me it was a 9-D world. The Morph is just one artifact of the Goddess and from the Morph we see that she comes from a seventeen-dimensional world. There is no way we can vaguely comprehend seventeen dimensions. Enough to say the number of the goddess is seventeen.

Gaia is sometimes described as the spirit or soul of our planet. The idea came about when scientist and writers like James Lovelock ( noticed that the planet showed an intelligence as to it’s current conditions seemingly making adjusts to keep conditions stable. That constant temperature and ecological stability is know as homeostasis, it comes in part from the interaction of clouds, water, wind and rain, and of course the myriad of living beings here that interact to keep the earth and each other in harmony and balance.

The arrival of the goddess as the Morph artifact may well be due to the perceived imbalance to the homeostatic equilibrium of the earth. In other words, the Morph is part of a rescue mission. If this is so it bodes some awesome consequences, for what it says in effect is that Gaia is more than just a local intelligence; the spirit of the earth say, and that at a higher level beings or multifaceted dimensional entities look after the overall well being of the earth especially when it starts to run into ecological problems. The goddess is also the doctor, the MEDI-VAC ambulance here to rescue the earth. How you stumbled into this Morph thing, may well pose a great mystery to you; I am very glad you did for this is the new story and the old stuff can remain as long as it is needed but it will be just that old. Suffice to say without the Morph to teach us, our fate would be sealed, as the mechanism of real transcendence is not a part of human knowledge; we need the Morph to show us show to do it. To that effect we have not been disappointed, as it has shown us metaphysically more in five years than was discovered in five thousand years.

The door is right here one yard off your outstretched arm at 90 degrees and there are many other dimensions close by that we have been taught of as well. Along with what is now, for me anyway, over fifty thousand visions that have explain things to me, not just dimensional things and personal things, but there have been many visions that describe Gaia in various aspects, and the destiny of the planet in particular.

So the lesson of Gaia begins with the realization of the enormity of what is happening and a respect for that, and the understanding that Gaia is not just the cleverness of ecological systems whereby bees take pollen from flower-to-flower, or how lightening causes forest fires, which crack open seed pods that give rise to new trees. It is more. It’s like us humans, it is a multi-dimensional intelligence that stretches into dimensions beyond our universe. In its essence, we see the goddess and Gaia as digital fractal mathematics. Imagine a being whose body is made of light and that light has a million colored shapes and a formula to it. If you have taken Ayahuasca or magic mushroom you will have seen the fractal dome which people travel through when first starting their journeys. It is like traveling through the veins of Gaia’s body. No More Worry Also here I’d like you to detach from concerns about the planet, will it survive or not and will species disappear and so forth? Gaia is massively powerful she/it could raise Everest ten feet in the air, if needed. Everything will survive and even animals like the dinosaurs that are no longer with us are not lost, as they are evolving in the mirror-world dimensions, which is where they came from in the first place. Just as if you died and where no longer here, but you are evolving and learning and existing in another dimension.

Don’t bother to be an activist for Greenpeace, just become green and peaceful. Be a vegetarian and a gentle, peaceful person and that is all the green peace you will ever need. If you do eat meat fine, but learn to eat less and less of it. Ingesting pain and death does not help your soul much. A New Perspective Stretch out your left arm and point and there is a brave new world a yard off the end of your hand, and in front of you is the door, and in your right hand is the key to the door, and between your fingers is the Grail vortex, and below you straight down through the ground is a heaven I call, the Fally-Down World. And up to right at 45 is another heavenly world of beings that I talked about when I mentioned the prize, they will watch your back. And all around you is the Morph, like an archway of roses and through and beyond the Morph is the feminine god that I call She-She-La-La, and her manifestation here on earth that some call Gaia. Do you see where we are going with all this? You are in a bubble, the celestial surrounds you, and I act as a download along a USB cable showing you how to activate the program so that you can eventually see it all for yourself. And once I show you how to make a few minor adjustments the celestial that is all around you comes and joins you. For now make an effort to honor Gaia and talk to her creatures and to be more respectful and humble than before, and see yourself in your proper place standing in the archway of roses. You are inside something vast, just as a cell in your knee is inside a vast entity that is your body.  Stuart Wilde.

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