Jesus’ Purple Hands

I’ve seen Jesus’ purple hands 360 times in twelve days. Sometimes they appear ten times an hour.

Then Jesus appeared to me a couple of days ago with his arms open, he was very close. I was very moved.

I explained I wasn’t worthy of his hands, and I’m shy to heal people. Then I saw a vision of people with sick dogs at my door twenty-thirty maybe. Then I did one healing on a dog here in 3-D, and a few healings on humans, they got better eek!

I’m working at a couple of Khris Krepcik Hooded Sage gigs in April, so I start the healings then, and I’m doing a gig in Wales in July that we’ll announce soon. So my avoidance tactics have faltered, I have to start no matter what. But don’t write in just yet, as we are not organized for it.

I transferred the hands to another man by holding his hands for twenty minutes, it has been a very great success, he’s cured some serious diseases. The Solar Logos is for everybody, we just have to work out how to distribute it to others, they have to have a celestial vibe or the process won’t work, but sooner or later we’ll know more about it all. Thank you Stuart Wilde.

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