Billions of Earth-Like Planets

One night I was shown in visions another planet, the houses were all in rows, but I could see the community was not on earth, and the voice over said “How would you like to express your energy here, Mr. Wilde?”

I’m so exhausted doing the job here and in the Aluna worlds versus the ghouls, I didn’t exactly jump to the idea. Tee hee.

But there may be billions of earth-like planets in the Universe. They would all have their shadow worlds, so maybe they need us, one day, some day, later, a lot later. Stuart Wilde

The Agua Sulis Stone
“The stone is just a tumbled crystal but it is one of the most powerful stones in the world. It has an information field inside of it. And inside that information field is the answer. It is up to you to unravel it bit-by-bit, so that it opens the door for you…”

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Stuart Wilde (1946 – 2013) is considered by many to be the greatest metaphysical teacher that has ever lived. Most famous New Age, New Thought writers and teachers privately studied with him, or they have been greatly influenced by his work. Read the full Stuart Wilde Bio >