Band of Darkness

Humans are surrounded by two rings of darkness, there is only one ring pictured here, because I later saw that the two rings were placed one on top of the other. In looking down from above there is only one ring, and looking at it from the side, there are two rings made up of a lower section and an upper section.

The lower section is the earthbound ghouls that jump from humans in the street say, or they come up from the hell worlds, and the upper section is all the ghouls that can fly, clawed reptiles with wings, UFOs and so forth.

To stop the darkness closing in on you, you have to express love, light and compassion at all times. Any anger, or spite, or self-pity, and the ghouls come out of the band of darkness and attack.

Blow love at people in the street and never talk bad of them, no matter how nasty they are, or how much they have victimized you.

You have to have compassion for your tormentors, but you are allowed to take evasive action.

Flee-dom is one of my religious principals.

I know a woman that wraps herself in the Tolemac flag at night, as that is a vulnerable time for all of us. See: 

Candles are good, prayer helps, lavender and warm feelings for Gaia create a strong energy. But we won’t get out of trouble until the forces of light destroy the dark. This is a process that is happening full-tilt, right now. But the dark forces are vast so its not a fast process. Stuart Wilde

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