Women Beyond the Matrix

I know women that I’ve trained that have gone beyond the Matrix of control, it is as if they have reconciled their emotions and fears and they have slipped behind 3-D reality and liberated themselves. They have gone to a more elevated evolution while still here on earth.

Many of them have the celestial heat, which I first experienced in the summer of 2000, it’s a form of inner radiance that shines from the body, it has the effect of making one very hot.

It often comes out if you have been in crowds during the day and you’ve collected a lot of ghoul dross and other people’s energies, like say porno thoughts that ladies collect as they walk about. The heat cleans you, burning off the etheric dirt.

Some of the ladies have the pulse. The pulse is a form of sacred orgasm, it’s not a sexual thing, it’s a field of energy like a ripple of light that is pulsed out by the women, it’s like a radio signal. It acts as protection for loved ones and it serves to fry the ghouls.

I have been told in the Aluna 1600 women in the world, have the pulse, and I’ve trained possible 15-20, so most arrived without my help. I have been trying to figure how to join the 1600 women together in the Aluna, as a fighting force. But I’ve not been shown how to do that.

But I have seen women with swords standing fighting close to the men as the era of the female Aluna warriors is more pronounced now.

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