The Maitreya—The Returned Buddha

I saw a vision of this exact painting of Vishnu descending from the sky. To the left of the painting superimposed, was an image of the Golden Buddha. It is said the Buddha was 9th of the 10 Dashavatras, or incarnations of Vishnu, the last being Kalki.

Jesus was an incarnation of Krishna, and he was an incarnation of Vishnu, so Jesus and Vishnu are linked and Buddha and Vishnu are linked.

The Returned Buddha is known as the Maitreya. He is a bodhisattva who has achieved complete enlightenment. The prophesy of his return comes from the Buddhist holy books, like the Mahayana, that say the Maitreya will return to teach the pure truth (Dharma), when the Dharma will seem to be forgotten in the world.

So the Returned Jesus, Krishna, Vishnu, the Maitreya, Kalki, the Grey Haired Man from Revelation, the Lion of Judah and the Lamb of God are all linked to each other, Interesting.

In the early part of my journey, I saw visions of myself going through Asian villages with Buddhist monks there. But I’ve not seen those visions for ten years.

Many glorious energies and sacred beings are coming for these next few years, to allow humanity to evolve. Stuart Wilde

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P.S. The Returned Buddha may not be a single person. It may be a light like the Returned Jesus is, like Buddha consciousness, but not one single embodiment of the Buddha.

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