The Fractal Universe

All 3-D reality including your body is solid and non-solid at the same time, and at it’s core all of reality is a body of information, be it a rock, or a tree, or an animal’s eye, or an entire human.

We are formed of geometries, and those geometries are visible in certain altered states. Every thought and feeling you have sends out a colorful fractal like this one here, or a black or grey fractal … which may try and reach out and attach itself to another human to influence them (see Paranoia Airways article).

We are not advanced enough to know what every fractal means and they are emitted so fast by a human, it’s hard to keep track of them. But this indigo blue fractal with splashes of light would be a kind, supportive thought form, not a debilitating one. The celestial god-colors are gold, blue, purple and white light of course.

This fractal has soft rounded edges, whereas the black fractals have barbs, like fish hooks or spikes like arrow heads. They are attack fractals. They occur when a humans’ inner self or their ego-self is firing evil intentions, or thoughts at you.

They usually come in from a vector I named 17 ½ up-right, which when facing north it is placed slightly to your right at north-north-east and 17.5 degrees up off the level plane. This vector, 17 .5 up-right, is an entry point for the demonic in this world. The vector is like a freeway they come in on.

If you feel the bad vibes coming in, put your hand up in the direction of that vector and say “no”, and blow love at the person who you think it firing the slime. If you don’t know who is doing it, then just blow in the direction of 17 ½ up-right as described.

To make your fractals soft and more beautiful and safer for you, make you voice very soft and speak in supportive terms about everyone you deal with day-to-day, no matter how disgusting they are. No fear, no anger.

Okay more on fractals later. Stuart Wilde

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P.S. Fractals are inherent to the mathematics of the universe, so they must have existed at the time the universe was born 13.5 billion years ago. But I contend they existed in other universes before this universe started, if that is the case, there is no knowing how old they are. SW

With kind permission of Doug Harrington

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