Padre Pio & Stigmata

I saw a vision of Padre Pio, he spun in from my right of me and stood next to my shoulder. He had the stigmata for fifty years. I went to his church at San Giovanni Rotondo in south eastern Italy. I prayed at his tomb. I got the feeling he was a very kind man.

St Padre Pio of Pietrelcine (1887-1968)

He was tormented by the ghouls for years before the stigmata started to bleed. I can relate to his problems, I’ve had the stigmata pain 24/7 for 26 months.

The ghouls fire dirty, brown-black skewers from the hell worlds, which you know are in a mirror-world that is only 18 inches from ya nose! (That is where the spirit worlds start be they heaven or hells).

The pain of the stig’ is bloody awful. I found out it’s called transverberation, I didn’t know it had a technical name. Here’s what it says on Wiki’ about Pio’s spiritual suffering.

Padre Pio stated that he believed the love of God is inseparable from suffering and that suffering all things for the sake of God is the way for the soul to reach God.[6] He felt that his soul was lost in a chaotic maze, plunged into total desolation, as if he were in the deepest pit of hell.

During his period of spiritual suffering, his followers believe that Padre Pio was attacked by the Devil, both physically and spiritually.[6] His followers also believe that the Devil used diabolical tricks in order to increase Padre Pio’s torments.

These included apparitions as an “angel of light” and the alteration or destruction of letters to and from his spiritual directors. Padre Augustine confirmed this when he said:

“The Devil appeared as young girls that danced naked without any clothes on, or as Christ Crucified, or as a young friend of the friars, or the Spiritual Father or as the Provincial Father; as Pope Pius X, a Guardian Angel, as St. Francis and as Our Lady.” (

The business of the ghouls posing as naked women, or Christ, or Mary, or people you know is very common, it’s one of their tricks. You have to watch for the symmetry of the vision and how it feels to make sure it’s not a con job.

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