Non-Solid Humans

I’ve said we have seen people dematerialize over one thousand times. It is a fact, humans are solid and not solid at the same time.

A Partial Dematerialization

The dematerialization is hard to photograph as the person is not there in 3-D, so their image reflects no light.

Here is a photo taken by a Kiwi friend of mine. It’s the best shot we have of a partial dematerialization. The man in white is in his hazy-wave state, he’s holding a ghoul under his chin that he has just pulled out of the lad dressed in black.

Removing the dross that accumulates in people’s etheric life force field is how we release them to feel better. Interesting eh?

When a person partially dematerializes one can put one’s hand right inside their body, so you could remove a bullet like Neo did for Trinity in one of the Matrix films, or you could set a bone, or remove an impediment. I have seen the hand go into another’s body about thirty times over the years, so I believe it to be true.

Khris Krepcik says when a part of the body dematerializes it can feel no pain. KK has the stigmata like me but he doesn’t get it all the time, but when his arms disappear from the elbows down, the stig’ pain leaves him.

Modern medical high-tech will fade away because of economic difficulties and these techniques may become the new inexpensive high-tech, available to everyone. It is all becoming real now. Fascinating to watch. Stuart Wilde

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