Important Article: Iran & $150 Dollar Oil

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Iran & Oil Visions

I saw a vision a year ago of a tanker burning in the Persian Gulf, and I’ve seen abandoned petrol stations in visions many times. And recently, I’ve seen repeated visions of missiles being fired from bushes, and missiles in mid-air and fast little boats in Hormuz.

The Red Horse

Last week, I saw the Red Horse from Revelation, it means war. It was dancing on its hind legs, swishing its tail in excitement, turning left and right, back and forth, in a very animated way.

The Jews want to bomb Iran because it might make four nuclear bombs in two years time. Israel has 300 nuclear bombs, so this whole Iran threat is a big phony.

The Iranians responded to the threat by pointing 10,000 missiles at Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and the Dimona nuclear plant in Israel, and they are closely tracking the American Navy in the narrow Straits of Hormuz.

The Israeli threat has hiked oil price by $11.00 a barrel in two weeks. So we are now all paying the new Israeli fuel tax. Food cost will rocket and staving millions in Africa will drop dead like flies and airline passengers will pay high surcharges.

America has imposed a ban on Swift MT dollar wires in and out of Iran, so the Iranians are struggling to buy food; a shipment of $133 million dollars of rice was not paid for. And a shipment of maize from the Ukraine is held up. The EU and America are sadly backing the Jews to ban the sale of Iranian oil. So trouble looms.

The incentive for the Iranians to open fire on a tanker in Hormuz is huge, because it will send oil to $150-$200 a barrel. So while Iran will be selling less oil because of the embargo, they will still get the same money or more for what they do sell.

• Rocketing petrol prices of $150, or even $200, will create oil shortages and then no oil at all. It will hurt ordinary people terribly; food prices will increase rapidly, and there will be mass unemployment like in the Great Depression. Inflation will erode savings. So we are sucked into the fate of the Middle East, whether we like it or not, lousy karma eh?

The Iranians have Sunburn missiles, a powerful anti-ship missile that flies nine feet off the water at 1500 mph. it’s very accurate. They have 20 submarines.

And they have the even more advanced SS-NX-26 Yakhont missiles, which they got from the Russians. It carries a 750 lbs payload, it can reach Paris for a spectacular weekend out.

The Iranians are armed to the teeth. The press doesn’t mention that.

Only a week ago, Alireza Forghani, head of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s strategic team, was quoted as saying: “It would only take nine minutes to wipe out Israel.” He’s probably right.

The Americans say they will protect the tankers, but that’s a load of cobblers. Ships in Hormuz are like a rubber duckie in the bath, Iran couldn’t miss if it tried to.

Aircraft Carrier

The Americans got scared and pulled their aircraft carrier out of Hormuz last week. ‘ Tells ya something.

If the Jewish leaders had been kinder and more tolerant of the Moslems, and less racists and more fair, they would have racked up less bad karma. A lack of love done ‘em in, I reckon.

Then again, they can change their mind and be sensible can’t they? It’s not fair if ordinary Jews in Israel, or people in the west have to suffer because the Jewish leaders are so full of violence and hatred.

(1) Sell the gas guzzler, boats, planes, snow mobiles
(2) Buy a small diesel car and/or a scooter
(3) is the oil ETF for the traders amongst you
(4) Buy gold and silver, it’s going for a spurt upwards
(5) Sell stuff while you still can
(6) Figure your back-up plan if there is no petrol available
(7) Get closer to friends and family, there’s safety in numbers and loyal people
(8) Practice being calm no matter what happens, chaos looms


I don’t think the Jews would attack Iran unless the Americans helped them. And so they may whack an American ship, like when they bombed the SS Liberty (1967), as a false flag op’ to suck the US into the game, or Iran may hit a ship to move the oil price.

Whatever the outcome, this is not a good time to invest in new projects. Consolidate and retreat. Stuart Wilde

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