The Doors of Perception

It’s quirky we humans are born into a dimension/world in which most of the meaningful activity is hidden from us—it our karma is to be blind. We live in a fractal world of extraordinary beauty, full of information but the sight of it is denied to us, at first anyway.

Gold silver and black fractal

I think we have incarnated as fallen spirits and we have to win our right to “see” once more.

To see is to be able to perceive the geometric reality that makes up your body and all of nature, and to see the angelic and the celestial heavens, as well as be more aware of the dangers of the hell worlds and the dark fractals people fire.

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This sea of energy around us dictates what happens to us in 3-D; it shapes our fate, just as fractals dictate the shape of a fern leaf. So being able to see is how you advance your ability to understand and control life.

Because we are inside fractals, they mould our destiny. We are inside complex geometric formula that describe our health, abundance, moods, creativity, our psychology but mostly they describe our energy and vitality, or a lack of it.

Fractal spheres

The best way to quickly see the inner worlds and the true spiritual-geometric reality of life, is to take the sacred Amazonian brew Ayahuasca. Aya’ is God’s gift to the blind—part of the compassion of the God Force for our plight.

The visionary component in Aya is DMT, the spirit molecule, some get snooty about it, saying it is a drug, but its been clinically proven over and over it’s a supplement, because DMT is natural to the body. Cocaine, opiates and weed are not natural to the body.

If you are depleted in DMT as most Westerners are, you may suffer depression and anxiety. Aya’ usually cures that in one session. It also kills parasites in your gut that rob you of nutrition and brightness, and it allows you see your life in the context of the inner dimensions. You grow spiritually because you understand your life in a greater context, beyond tick-tock—you evolve towards the angelic.

I did seminars called “See the Morph” that helped people to see, they were very successful, but for now, while I’m not on the road, Ayahuasca is the way to go. I’ve sent 4800 people to Aya’ in total, it never fails to change a person’s evolution overnight.

Our friend Tom Lishman now does Aya’ events in Holland (Feb 2012 & Aug 2012) as well as his five-star Ecuador gigs (Apr 2012). Click

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