In Clash of the Titans—the Djinn

Here is a bit of stuff about some of the Beings in the Inner Worlds, you may find it different and interesting.

A Djinn

Jins in North African culture are earthbound spirits that are conjured up, like the genie of Aladdin and his Lamp.

The Djinn from the film ‘Clash of the Titans’ pictured here, help the hero against Medusa; he chops off her head and use it to defeat the evil forces of the dark God called Hades in the film.

The Djinn look odd to us but they are fighters for good. I saw a Djinn in the Aluna world three days ago, I felt privileged. I felt a love and respect for it.

The Being was laying on the ground asleep. I stood close to it for a short while, it all seemed peaceful, then I left.

I got the feeling that when the Djinn wake, conditions will change. I think that is why I was shown it. The Djinn are very high up. It’s never what it seems.

Legend says they are made of smokeless fire. I’ve seen the smokeless fire maybe fifty times. It fascinates me, I love it, it’s so mystical. When it bursts into our world it becomes real fire, but while in the Aluna it’s a cold fire. If we could understand the cold fire, or let us say cold fusion, we’d understand a great secret of the gods—it eludes us.

It was a great surprise to me over the years to see that some of the characters from films and literature like the Djinn exist as real beings in the inner worlds. I think the writers and artists see the various beings in their dreams, then they write about them or create them for a film.

I’ve seen the Gollums from Lord of the Rings many times, they look like the character Sméagol, they are vile, they try to take people to suicide. And I’ve also seen the Ringwraiths they are pretty frightening — like, hard to get used to.


I’m sure people would think me dippy, but humans are very inconsequential, we are only one of tens of billions of inner world species that exist. Some beings are very beautiful, like the fawns and the inner-world diamond goddesses, and some are evil like the Gollums.

There are huge Gollum mothers in the hells worlds that spew out the Gollums, a thousand at one birthing. I have fought these evil ones, they are very ugly. We try to kill the Gollum mothers so as inhibit the species proliferation.

The Gollums got pissed off when the mothers died and they attacked full-on, ten thousand at a time, all lined up like little soldiers—it was as just creepy as it sounds, but my life is a long painful fight in these “sound nuts” worlds.

Anyway, every being you see adds to your knowledge, every dimension you glimpse in your visions and dreams adds a bit to your overall energy, even if some bits are dark and some a bright.

Writing about the price of gold is fine but It’s more fun for me to write about these otherworld things, even the ugly ones. It seems a great kindness that one is allowed to see the other worlds in trance and learn of other evolutions that are vasty ahead of us. It’s a blessing.

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