The Crystal Forests Deep in the Earth

Deep in the earth at its core are crystal forests, the crystals are estimated to be twelve kilometers high.

Under our feet I discovered a heaven world that I called the Fally-Down World because you have to etherically fall through the ground a long way to get there, and half way down you make a 90 degrees shift. So imagine yourself falling very fast, feet first, facing north, then you twist and suddenly you’re facing east and you continue to fall. That was what happened to me anyway.

The idea of a heaven below our feet is very odd, as religions talk of hell that is down, never a heaven down. But the religions know dilly squat about the heavens and the hells and the dimensions that lead to those places.
So one has to forgive them.

Once I learned about the crystals in the core of the earth twelve kilometers high, I came to see how the power of those vast crystal towers would easily create a celestial world/dimension below us—the one that I call the Fally-Down world.

There are heavens above us at NNE, north-north-east, 45-upright and the spirits of the dead are at NNW, north-north-west, also up at 45 degrees. The some spirits are in the hell worlds, which are at SSW, south-south-west behind us when facing north, it’s at 240 degrees round the compass and 17 ½ degrees sloping down through the ground.

You can ‘ping’ your energy off those crystal forests deep within, and use them as a signaling tower to boost your reception (ESP), or use them for sending information, like mental broadcasts. Interesting isn’t it?

There is so much stuff that is new that we did not know even ten years ago.

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