Higher Knowing

The inner world intelligence that I see in trance, showed me that to “understand” things you have to be able to “withstand” them.

What if the Higher Knowing you seek is something you don’t want to hear?
Or, it’s something so scary you’d go into a whimp’s meltdown and sudden bowel evacuations.

See how silly we humans are? We want to be elevated, but the more knowing you have the more responsibility you take on board, and the more scary it all gets. If you want more, you have to be brave enough and agree to withstand at least some of the horrors of the truth.

Purity of mind and emotions is the key.


Then if the news is terrible and the Higher Knowing dangerous, and your perception makes you more vulnerable you, will you have the maturity not to react.

People are babies, they rant and rave and scream and lash out; they want a truth that endorses their lollipop of importance— slurp!—a bicycle pump for the ego. The more you know, the less you ego will have to hold on to. So long term it’s stuffed.

Pray for knowledge then brace yourself. But first pray for bravery and the less arrogance you have, the less ignorance.


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