At the center of the Aluna spirit worlds, very far away, in the fields-upon-fields, dimensions-beyond-dimensions, maybe a million dimensions from here, is the world of the Hindu Gods.

They are either the Higher Authorities, or they are very close to the Higher Authorities–the supreme “inner world” celestial controllers of this Universe. I’m too small to know exactly their position.

Jesus as you may know was an incarnation of Krishna, as was Rama, both he and Jesus were avatars, each, was one of the ten incarnations of the God Vishnu. Vishnu and Shiva are linked as the females Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati are as one.

As humans we can’t really understand two people merging as a combined etheric energy field, but at a different level all beings are as one, be they evil beings that are all one huge inner world devil, or the celestial beings that are a collective god.

I’ve had the phenomena of merging with another person three times. I merged with Khris Krepcik three years ago (see P.S. below), it was very odd, it took three days, I found myself sliding across and he came over to me.

Khris Krepcik

Then I started talking in a mid-West accent like Khris, saying stuff in American like he does, “Hey Bro, are you good?” and so forth, and he sounded like a London hooligan from the back of the Kings Rd, Chelsea. Funny eh? I later merged with two ladies as well, so it can go from female to male and back again.

As the power merges it gets stronger. The two Higher Selves are made together as two aspects of the one. In the end the Hindus are here to fight the ghouls, destroy the 5th Reich (the secret Fat Controllers), and bring Armageddon to an end. Without them there would be no hope for humanity, this world would become a perpetual hell world.

The Gods return to us the Dharma, the ancient knowing, the sweetness of balance, and the natural laws we call the Tolemac honor code.

The greatest gift was the Gods taught us was to “see” so we learned about them, we were in awe, we aspired to align more closely to them. And we in turn used the perception granted to us to go into the hell worlds and fight to degrade a million evils on their behalf.

If you look at pictures of the Gods, and you humbly pray to them it helps you align to their benevolence. A small part of their power becomes your power. Grace flows towards you.

Stuart Wilde (
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***P.S. None of the New Thought, New Age teachers and writers can “see” because if they could they’d write about it. Now there may be obscure Hindu gurus, or Buddhist monks can see but they don’t appear in the mainstream.

Once Khris Krepcik and I could “see” the Aluna worlds, we wrote out a new theology, a new metaphysical spiritual teaching, one that was very different to what had gone before, it was like an upgrade.

Our teachings are not really for ordinary people as our work is far too advanced and complicated, but it is there so the genuine travelers that have held the faith over the years can go to the next step. And the teaching are there so serious students can know what is about to happen next in the world, and they can position themselves safely. In the end we are here to save the children.

If there were no next step for the serious students, ones that are brave and disciplined that can handle the truth without flinching, they would degrade and fall away to the dark.

So that, in part, is why KK and I were given the gift of sight. Okay bye for now.

Khris Krepcik (

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