The Hooded Sages

The Hooded Sages were an order of monks in China at the time of Lao Tzu (500 BC). My ol’ teacher talked about them. My book Plum Red is a series of mystical stories about them.

But the Hooded Sages are also a force in the Aluna spirit worlds, a very powerful one.

One night I was at the Hacienda at Tom Lishman’s Ayahuasca ceremonies in Ecuador. It was night, I was sitting by a lawn in the center of a courtyard by a pretty fountain.

I saw a group of hooded beings walking round and round in a circle, there were twenty or thirty of them maybe more. But what was odd was they were only one and a half feet high. I watched them for ten minutes then I pointed them out to Khris Krepcik who was there at the time, he saw them as well.

Four of the little sages, broke off the main circle and they came over to me. I was kneeling on a path at the edge of the lawn. I bowed, they bowed in return, and then they handed me a small purple glowing ball. I accepted it and thanked them. I trusted them. They told me to swallow the ball. I did that.

I said, “You are very small”.

One replied, “No Mr. Wilde it is an optical illusion, like looking down the wrong end of a telescope.”

A while later, Krepcik was doing a healing on an English woman on the same lawn. I saw a winged entity swoop down, it had a twelve foot wing span and sharp talons, it looked very dangerous.

Suddenly four Hooded Sages came out of the trees, this time they were twelve-to-fifteen feet high, taller than the beings I call the Tall Boys that I write about sometimes. The Sages surrounded the woman and protected her and the winged devil got scared and flew off.

So I first saw the sages eighteen inches high and then twelve to fifteen feet high. Things are small this side of an anomaly but much bigger on the other side. I once saw the Milky Way in my hand, a titchy galaxy here and a vast universe out there. (Stuart Wilde)

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