Here are some of Stuart Wilde’s best loved quotes, and a few he’s written recently:

To be considered sane is to comprehend your irrelevance, once you do that, you are passed fit for human consumption. (Stuart Wilde)

Pray for peace even if it doesn’t work. (Stuart Wilde)

Spirituality is the act of becoming more normal and eventually disappearing completely. (Stuart Wilde)

Tenderness, generosity and respect are the Three Graces, and opposite sentiments are all disgraces. (Stuart Wilde)

To walk along side the eternal Tao and to befriend nature is to acquire many unseen helpers you didn’t know where there. (Stuart Wilde)

Humility is the best evidence of sanity. (Stuart Wilde)

There is a drama to the karma of the charmer you select. (Stuart Wilde)

The principles of lust are often written in the sands of disappointment. Shame really, one hopes for better. (Stuart Wilde)

Nurturing a ‘nostalgia for eternity’ redeems your soul for it carries you silently towards the light even in the darkest times. (Stuart Wilde)

I’m the way, the truth and the light and so are you, so let’s not argue anymore. (Stuart Wilde)

What I like about the people (many thousands) that have taken Ayahuasca with me is that they are true seekers of the light. (Stuart Wilde)

Many times I found I can watch the journey that is taking place inside their minds, I can see what they are seeing. They are often surprised when I tell them. I teach the ‘middle way’, one should not be overly phased by the dark stuff, nor overjoyed by the light. Make life the same, just observe the nutters in life and try to love them even if they are slightly vomitoso. (Stuart Wilde)

Because there is so much lovelessness around us, we are like glow worms, we have to make do with our own light. (Stuart Wilde)

I told ‘em buy gold, it rocketed; I told ‘em sell real estate, it plummeted; I told ‘em ‘be nothing’ they went deaf for that bit! (Stuart Wilde)

Many are called but few are chosen and the few that are chosen wish they hadn’t been! (Stuart Wilde)

There certainly is a New World Disorder coming that the politicians so love to promote. Chaos! (Stuart Wilde)

The light at the end of tunnel was just fine and dandy, it was the tunnel at the end of the light that bothered me. (Stuart Wilde)

The trick to money is having some. If you raise your energy people will be pulled to you, when they show up, bill ‘em. (Stuart Wilde)

The things you own end up owning you. (Stuart Wilde)
(This quote appeared in the film Fight Club but Stuie wrote it some years before the film).

I was driving down the Fulham Road, London when a policeman stopped me and said, “Have you been drinking?” To which I replied truthfully, “No sir.” He said, “Would you please blow into this bag?” and I said, “Talking of bags how’s your wife?”

He arrested me and I spent the night in a cell. I counted all the tiles on the wall it kept me rather busy. (Stuart Wilde)

On partying: If you are not in bed by midnight, come home! (Stuart Wilde)

On the philosophy of things: One’s good, two’s better. (Stuart Wilde)

Life on earth: “Lovely place, shame about the people!” (Stuart Wilde)

I was working in the garden at a snail’s pace, and the snail overtook me. (Stuart Wilde)

“Violets are red
Roses are blue,
I’m confused
and so am I.” (Stuart Wilde)

Spirituality is the act of becoming ever more normal. (Stuart Wilde)

It’s all ‘mind over matter’, if you don’t mind it don’t matter. (Stuart Wilde)

Once Botox came in, my ability to lip-read went down the cracker. It’s hard to tell what two thick-cut fried chips are trying to say. (Stuart Wilde)

I saw all these visions one after the next that told me ‘no more drinking,’ I didn’t miss it—the visions that is. (Just kiddin’). (Stuart Wilde)

I tried to tell people the truth about life, their shadow, dimensions, the ghouls and the inner worlds, it was a disaster, they got uptight and attacked me, so I got Khris Krepcik at thehoodedsage.com to tell them instead. “Genius move Stuie.” (Stuart Wilde)

People say a meteor will hit the earth but my thinking is the meteor is just doing it’s own thing whizzing about, it’s more likely the earth will hit the meteor, so we won’t be able to bitch—careless drivin’ I reckon. (Stuart Wilde)

It’s all backwards. I discovered in 2001 that hell is freezing cold and cruel, it’s not hot, and there is a heaven below us straight down where the celestial light comes from sometimes, and in the Northern hemisphere there are more stars below us than above us. Seek to go the opposite way, it’s a jolly crafty move. (Stuart Wilde)

I traveled three million miles to sixty two countries, I found a sweetness there. I left before my luck changed. (Stuart Wilde)

Going through the metal detector at the airport I accidentally beeped it with some coins in my pocket. The TSA goon that patted me down put his hand down my jeans and he touched my bum. I said to him “Anymore of that mate and I’ll have to charge you a 10% entertainment tax.” He looked very embarrassed. (TSA: Tragically Sinister Agents) (Stuart Wilde)

Before I was born one of the Beings asked me how did I feel about coming back to the earth plane? I replied, “I didn’t mind as long as I had a womb with a view.” (Stuart Wilde)

Karma is very precise, people are delivered to an exact spot in time. We make a lot of fuss and bother, but karma is really only a very precise office filing system. (Stuart Wilde)

Love requires one to take risks. If you don’t want to take the risk it’s best to marry a dork with the personality of a lamppost. (Stuart Wilde)

Food and people’s fear and their sadness are very closely linked, and food is also linked to their importance, or their lack of it. People express feigned specialness by buying food they can’t necessarily afford. Etherically—as an energy field—a supermarket is an informal psychiatric ward where the patients get trolleys to hold them up, like Zimmer frames really. (Stuart Wilde)

Keep a clear mind and calm emotions—and as it says in the Desiderata “Walk placidly amid the waste”. (Stuart Wilde)

I’ve learned a lot wandering about in life: I know that a Ferrari is cheaper than a wife, a lot cheaper in some cases. (Stuart Wilde)

Julius Caesar said, “I came. I saw. I conquered”. He was murdered—conquering is fairly dangerous, try to avoid it. (Stuart Wilde)

Love conquers all and though we may grow old waiting, it’s still worth it in my view. (Stuart Wilde)

Gaia is the spirit of nature, it’s another word for the Tao, if you befriend her, she protects you. She will eventually change the world and take it back from humans, because they hurt her and her children, the animals. All equations are balanced in the end, can’t wait really. Stuart Wilde

© Stuart Wilde 2011

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