Perception & the Messengers of Deception

I said in my book Grace Gaia and the End of Days that perception is a gift of God. There is a technical reason for it. I think you’ll find it helpful.

Extra sensory perception and inner knowing, which is another form of ESP, comes from the celestial light, which is full of love and pure information. It is usually directed at you in transparent tubes from 90 degrees to your right.

Another flow of golden light comes from slightly to your right. When facing north, it is at NNE 45 degrees up above the level plane, so I called this heavenly direction 45-upright.

The supply of pure information of the light is in an on-going tussle with corrupted information coming from the ghouls. They are the messengers of deception, full of spite, and darkness; seeking to send humans the wrong way.

I was shown in great detail in a series of visions in 2009, how the ghouls flip 999 into 666, or how they corrupt truth into lies, or “do” into “don’t” and so forth. In the Aluna worlds the fox is the symbol of the king of the UFOs, he’s tricky and predatory like them. I was shown a vision where the word “fox” morphed into “fog” and back to fox several times.

It’s our karma to be misled—to exist in a dimension of useless information—just as we are fed the news by the media that has an agenda to misinform and accentuate the status quo, while depreciating or disallowing other news items. Philosophers, poets and alternative thinkers don’t get much time on air as they might contradict the official party line.

Then there are billions of humans who have no spiritual journey and no proper information, they are the stooges of dogma, wrapped in the karma of ignorance.

If you can “see” the inner worlds you will be miles ahead of the billions that are sadly blind and you will have the power to direct your life to its highest good.

Perception comes in part from purity, as the light of celestial information is very pure. And you’ll need purity to block corrupt information:

What’s Needed:

  • A soft, clean soul (no antagonisms)
  • Balanced organic living, no perversions or distortions
  • A warm heart and kindness
  • Humility
  • Meditation (24 minutes at the same time each day)
  • Vegetarianism (I don’t know any meat eaters that can see properly but that is not to say they don’t exist but vegetarianism is best)
  • No dogma, control trips, anger, & manipulation, “live and let live” must be the central tenant of your life.
  • Love humans even if they are evil
  • Time in nature

These things listed above are what you’ll need in order to see.

But you could be a living saint and you’ll still come under the influence of information corruption, because the humans that surround us all fire misinformation and disease* (see below) from their Mirror-World self, and from their minds. So the path to pure information is always cluttered. That’s our karma for now anyway.

You can take Ayahuasca* if you are on the hurry up for perception, as it replaces lost DMT in the pineal, and a deficiency of DMT through stress, emotional imbalance, dysfunctions and a poor diet, is one reason why billions are sentenced to be spiritually blind throughout this life. (sw)

*For an Aya event of ours in Ecuador with Darpan (spring 2012) click EVENTS.

**I’ll do a piece later, on how humans fire disease at other humans and how to push it back. Stuart Wilde

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