Parallel Dimensions the 11th

Here is a great video with graphics where the famous scientist Michio Kaku talks about the shape of the 11th dimension.

What is so fascinating is that the shapes, donuts and tubes have been arrived at mathematically, and these are the very shapes we see in the Aluna Mirror Worlds. Information is carried down transparent tubes from these multi-dimensional branes. That information forms the building blocks of our reality.

Scientists can’t see the other dimensions as they are infinitely small, but as you go through the anomaly to the other side they become infinitely large.

In trance we somehow manage to cross over and see how vast those worlds really are. The beings there are constructed from photons of light, they don’t seem to be solid not from where we view them, so the Gods are golden photons. I said decades ago that humans straddle the dimensions without knowing it. That seems to have been proved right from all the journeys we have done in those worlds. (sw)

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