Female Fighters

One day as I woke, I saw a vision of a female fighter in the Aluna worlds. She was crouching down, she had a long, straight Japanese-style sword across her back. The world/dimension she was in looked like a marshland, but it also looked very enticing and beautiful. She was all on her own.

She smiled when I woke. I got the impression where she was watching over me, was dangerous for her. She stood and walked away as soon as she could, once she knew I was awake and safe.

She was the first female fighter I’ve ever seen in the Aluna Mirror Worlds. I was very moved by her bravery, strength and kindness.

Then I saw a vision of some very tall women working out in a gym, they were doing high kicks like in Tae Kwon Do. They seemed to be training.

The human Aluna fighters are usually male. They are people that can see the inner worlds when in trance. They are a small band of fighters in the greater Armageddon battles between light and dark.

Then recently, I heard of ladies that are starting to see the hell worlds and to fight in there. So the vision of the ladies in the gym proved correct. Its just four ladies so far, and yet there may be many more round the world that I don’t know about. But it is wonderful to know that new fighters are coming on line.

To fight, you have to be brave and withstand the ugliness of the hell worlds. When you come out of trance after fighting in there, you feel covered in slime. The hell worlds are very depressing, it’s not a pleasant experience. And you have to learn to stand your ground, when vast numbers of ghouls come towards you at once. It can be jolly daunting for anyone, male or female.

Myself and five fighters were once attacked by 84,000 beings that looked like the Orcs from Lord of the Rings. They attacked moving forward in batches of four hundred in military columns. It took us eight hours of non-stop fighting to knock them all down.

The lady warriors are most welcome. My advice is stand strong and look ‘em in the eye and never ever give an inch of ground. Love, love. (Stuart Wilde)

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