The Low Flying UFO

I saw from visions in the Aluna Mirror Worlds years ago that the UFO and the Grays are inter-dimensional beings, they are not from outer space. They attempt to abduct people’s souls using tricks making people think they are high-tech and special—UFOs are scum.

In 2001 I was given some celestial bangles, when I dropped my arms they loaded up, and the one on my left wrist flew off like a guided missile. It would hit a UFO, which then wobbled like jelly on a plate, then it fell to a lower trajectory and eventually disappeared. I’ve killed a very large number.

The bangle on my right wrist seems to be a power source it never flies. If the UFOs ever trouble you, say out loud, “I’m with Stuart Wilde” it scares them and they flee. This technique has been tested over and over, it works every time.

A week ago I saw a vision of a UFO very close to the ground, it was large, sixty feet across, so I knew they are coming in, getting closer to 3-D.

Then I saw a vision of a silent black plane, one of the Kalki spears hit it. Then I saw another vision of a silent black plane flying quite slowly, and a silver plane going very fast came over it and the black plane disintegrated.

The black planes and the black helicopters are linked to cattle mutilations.

The Armageddon-style fight with the UFOs to destroy them is on, and eventually they will be swept away. I’m happy about that. They form the Devil’s Air Force, I have an extreme prejudice for them. (sw)

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