Tips I Learned from the Ghoul Wars

I hope this isn’t too long but here’s a bit more that is hard to mention but it is important. I’m a veteran of a three and a half year ghoul war. I learned a lot. I went to fight to clear a space for us. I haven’t written about it much as I don’t want to scare people and make them give up or quit, and then I didn’t write about it much as I didn’t think anyone would believe me. But I wasn’t alone. There were others that came with me, or they fought in their own groups elsewhere. We all had the same experiences.

The ghouls are everywhere. They are etheric beings. There are trillions of them in every square mile of the earth plane. The world is infested. The ones that come up from 225° are deadly, but there are others that are even worse. We’d get hit all the time and go down.

One thing I learned about the 225°s, which is a bit embarrassing to explain, is they are attracted to blood, urine and feces, like a red rag to a bull. If you want to stay safe, stay very clean. Wash yourself after using the toilet; sit over the edge of the bath and run the tap. Paper is not enough. There are microscopic remnants left behind. Wash with tap water, or use a wet Kleenex. And ladies on their moon stay very, very clean. It will help you enormously. In this way, they will avoid you and they go for others that are more attractive as they are less clean.

The next thing, there are millions and millions of species of ghouls — as many species as there are different animals on the earth plane. There’s one type we call the ‘inner matrix’. They are ghouls that live inside the subconscious of humanity. They can move instantaneously, very fast. They are independent entities. They will gang up on you and make you sad and try to take you to despair and suicide. They want you over there with them.

Now here’s the kicker: Pot is an open door to those people. They love it, and even standing around where others are smoking pot is dangerous as the ghouls can jump across a room from the mind of one person to the mind of another. If your mates are on a smoko, run a mile. If you smoke pot yourself, once a month say, you’ll get depressed but it won’t kill you. But if you smoke all the time your chances of long-term survival against the ghouls is nil.

Here’s why: The THC in pot and marijuana is in the oil and that is stored in the brain. There is no way to get rid of its long-term build up. It interferes with synapses in the brain and creates paranoia. The ghouls feed off fear. The adrenalin that is produced by your fear is their soul food. They sell humanity fear by talking to the human mind. They have entire TV stations dedicated to the production of fear for them.

Pot rots your etheric. You walk as if covered by a blanket full of holes–you have no defense. When the global shadow comes out, which is any day now, the ghouls will come with it. They will be exposed. You’ll actually see them for the first time ever, maybe. And they will fight with humanity and they will set humans to fight with each other. Everyone will be sucked in.

That’s Armageddon. It is the day the secrecy falls away and all get to see what is left behind.

There are two Armageddons. One was in the mirror world against the ghouls, that is referred to in Revelation as the war in heaven and the next Armageddon will be in the war on earth. It has already begun. All the police state you see and spying and surveillance, is the ghouls trying to lock down humanity because they know what’s coming. They are the controllers here and they know a superior force is after them — a force so beyond us little humans, we can’t even imagine it.

In Revelation, it’s referred to as Michael and his angels but that’s a bit rinky-dink as an explanation. The book also says the Forces of Light enter back into this world with a force over two hundred million strong. That looks right to me. Though I would say I haven’t actually sat and counted them all. But their power and strength is beyond massive, their technology is millions of years beyond our human capability. They have the power. It was just a matter of landing them here. They are not from outer space but inner space. They are what we used to be, human evolution may appear to us as going forwards because we live longer and we all have a toaster, but that’s not a measure of evolution. We are at the back-end of a process, degrading not upgrading. We are small and very slow, we used to be very tall and very quick.

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P.S. Don’t worry about things, you can come with me if you have a mind to, if it feels right. I’ll take you to a place beyond words, so beautiful and so sensual, so far beyond what humans can even imagine; it’s right inside the very heartbeat of the universe. Three of us went and came back. We wouldn’t have been allowed there if it were to be denied to humanity. We were shown it, so now it is bound to be made available to others.

This is not the place to tell the tale, but we didn’t just walk in through the back of the airing cupboard. We had to fight our way in, crossing the ghoul lands to get there then we had to fight our way out so to speak. We had a lot of help. It took over three years. One thing we discovered was that redemption is at hand, and that extended bliss is very painful. We aren’t ready yet.

Put your thumb and forefinger out in front of you in the air at the height of your eyes and imagine a plumb line hanging there. Now let your hand drop slowly and imagine you are painting a vertical white line in the air down the plumb line in front of you. When you can walk around that vertical line and make a 90° turn as if going round a corner, you will have arrived.

Welcome to the Heartland, our beautiful, beautiful home, the one that was promised to us in the riddle years ago. It’s right here on earth behind the molecules of reality, behind the trees if you like. It’s not out in space or up a tube. Dead spirits can’t make the turn, they don’t know about it, so they go out in a straight line via the tube to a mirror world opposite us.

Bye for now, SW.


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