Spiritual Ferocity

I’ve just written a new teaching about spiritual ferocity, a theme that is very prevalent in the inner dimensions right now. I sent the article to a friend to proof read it, she felt that the piece was full-on and frightening for people, and so I sent it to a mate in Canada that runs our Sacred Tears of Gaia site. He said it was too scary to post.

I fear that what I see has gone past what my readers can cope with, and often they don’t understand; its not their fault but they can’t reach there yet.  A lot of people thought I was nuts but time has proved me right, and nowadays I can’t write much of what I see.

For example, I saw Mubarak and Gaddafi go, and last week I saw Kalki’s spear hit Doodie Doodie Blank Find the CEO of the criminal gang of Goldman Slags in New York. This week he’s hired a famous lawyer; the Congress have just indicted him for fraud and obstruction of justice.

Papers report Blank Find is for the slammer. Innocuous stuff—a fraudster falls, but it is part of something bigger, the inner world fight to break the power of the Jews that have held America in a vice-like grip for decades.

The nuclear karma of Japan is part of an inner world fight to crush their cold cruelty; the fall of the Arab Hitlers is part of an inner world fight to restore the power of women and there is vengeance waiting for the Arabs for their indifference and cruelty to animals. A great wind comes.

The disease that comes to eliminate most of Africa is for their violence and abuse of children, and the way they failed their fellow Africans.

The fall of Wall Street is a pay back for the way they lied and lied, and ripped off so many people of their life’s savings. They had no mercy and none is offered in return….see? They all go broke. Karma is perfect.

Take Ariel Sharon the former Israeli leader, he imprisoned and tortured thousands of people without trial—they were held for decades, then he falls into a coma five years ago, imprisoned in a hell state in a body he can’t leave—see how accurate karma is?

The Maoris attacked what is now New Zealand and slaughtered the indigenous tribes, and they now have the audacity to claim New Zealand as their own, and so they endlessly bleed workers and tax payers for free hand outs based on a massive lie. I predicted the fate of the Maoris twenty years ago.

Spiritual ferocity? A meteor is coming and so are the Revelation locusts, they are golden lights that fly in a zig- zag motion, they swarm like bees, their sting is very painful, they torment humanity for five months. They are part of the God Force. The first locust landed yesterday, how long it takes for them to materialize I don’t know.

Dear Readers, I’ll stop writing soon, I have a new path I must follow, to restore people, care for them, and help them escape. Khris Krepcik is the teacher now….he has all my information and vast amounts of his own….he can really see the codes and the Aluna world, Number One.

Okay bye for  now. Blessings, stay warm. (sw)

© Stuart Wilde 2011

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