The Landing of the Solar Logos

Author Trevor Ravenscroft once talked to me for four hours about a celestial light he called the Solar Logos that he said would return to earth. I have been watching that light approaching for a year, I see it in visions every day now.

On the day of the summer solstice this year in the northern hemisphere, June 21st , I heard the word “midnight’. I didn’t know what it referred to, I was expecting a terrorist false-flag attack in France so I thought it might be that.

But at midnight on the 21st June, I saw the Solar Logos land. It was not what I expected. I saw a massive generator descend and land on the ground like the one pictured here.

This one has nine fans on the front but the Logos generator I saw had five strobe lights flashing at the front of it.

I’ve seen those before, they are the light of the etheric bursting out around a person. It is very, very rare to see; it looks almost exactly like this animation here called “Angelights,” that we found on the Internet.

Ravenscroft said the Solar Logos is the light of the Returned Jesus, but I’ve seen that it is also the light of the hovering Madonnas that will appear on earth, and the return of Gaia, and in the light is a miracle healing, and absolution for humanity, for those with contrition that wish to be absolved.

From many visions I’ve seen I have been shown that five people initially have the angelight strobes—stated another way, one could say five people have the Christ Consciousness at strobe-light intensity.

Then I have also seen how the light jumps to tens of thousands of others, I’m not sure if many get the high intensity strobe lights as it might fry them, but they get a version of the new light, one that they can cope with, and then that goes out to millions maybe a billion people.

As I see it, the landing of the Solar Logos is the day God came back to earth—the false prophets fall, and the ghouls get fried, and gradually Gaia gets her planet back, and the animals are saved from the cruelty of humans and the Restoration to spiritual values begins.

I was shown how bugs on crops get zapped and how bacteria and virus die, and how gradually there is created a brave new world with no diseases.

I was shown it will take thirty days to adjust to the light as right now it causes a type of inner sunburn, you can feel the heat on your face— it makes you quite tired. Then it will gradually roll out. I was also shown how the light down here still castes feint shadows, so it needs time to burn off the darkness.

Interestingly, we watched the child in Revelation which the Hindus call Kalki being born in mid-February 2008, the book says it goes away with the Eagle People for 1260 days—so that means the child returns as a fully grown man on July 27th 2011, next month. One week after the generator is ready.

That’s it for now, the landing of the Logos will change everything. I’m happy it came after so many years of waiting. (sw)

© Stuart Wilde 2011


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