Ancilla and the Celestial Forces

In the Rossetti painting called Ancilla an angel is presenting a young woman with a flower.

Some of those Ancilla angels have taken a position next to me in the Aluna close to my right side. There’s more than one but exactly how many I don’t know. They fire waves of golden light that look like gold fog drifting in.

I have never had that kind of help before. Things have shifted.

Back in November 2008 when fighting in the Aluna hell worlds I found myself very deep down, it is almost pitch black dark down there. I was 970 levels down, like being down a very deep mine shaft. It was bloody awful down there, tough going.

Then I started to come back out, level-by-level fighting as I went and by April ‘09 I had raised several hundred levels towards the surface and the celestial realms.

Recently I saw a vision of the top of a lift shaft with its metal structure, wheel and elevator cable, and I could see I was just a meter below the ground floor and I could see was still above the lift. So I have come up 969 levels from the bottom of the hell worlds.

That might explain why the angels can now fire the golden fog when before they couldn’t reach me. It is jolly nice of them.

With the dark comes the angelic comes with it so that is why the arrival of the dark is exciting for us. (sw)


The Gayatri Mantra
Richard Tyler & Stuart Wilde
{24 minute mp3 download. $4.00}

This spoken and musical rendition of the famous Gayatri mantra by Tyler and Wilde is made-up as a 24 minute meditation for download. It evokes bliss and joy.

We have seen visions of the ghouls in the Aluna worlds listening to the mantra and throwing up. We have seen this several times—how wonderful is that!

So put it on your ipod or on your computer and play it just before bed and the sacred sound will help protect you at night when you are vulnerable to dark influences. Or, play it first thing in the morning as a 24-minute prayer, meditation to set up your day in a beautiful spiritual setting.

Here is a 3-minute version as a YouTube video:
“Gayatri Mantra Honoring the Gods”

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The Gayatri Mantra
Richard Tyler & Stuart Wilde
{24 minute mp3 download. $4.00}

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