Spiritual Practices—Candles

I light votive candles at night, they are in a glass jar and burn for seven days. It keep the ghouls at bay, it is not foolproof but it helps. There is a softness in it. All things that are soft like flowers and incenses (the ghouls hate the smell of lavender) hurt the ghouls, their world is cold and hard.

I believe there will be an electricity crisis as oil supplies become disrupted, and as those state-owned electricity plants that run on government funds run out of cash.

I bought 600 votive candles recently and a stock of others, like those thin ones that go in candle sticks. The torches I have are recharged from the mains so they would be little use in a shutdown.

A few boxes of candles is a good precaution.

I also bought a 5 Kva electrical generator powered by diesel, it will run the lights, the fridge and the cooker. A mate is testing it for me for a couple of weeks at his house. If it’s any good I’m going to buy 40 and wait for the crisis to hit.

When you are sitting around in the dark warming sardines by candlelight being ‘cashed up’ on the sale of 40 generators helps moral. That’s my tactics anyway. (sw)

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