Made In China—Rubbish

I bought a Black and Decker dust buster that didn’t suck diddly-squat, the crumbs on the carpet bounced about with glee and stayed where they were, more or less. I lost the receipt so I never got my money back.

I also bought a very high-tech chrome looking spade it snapped on the first day. The lid of the new coffee grinder broke early on, two of three glass candles made in China broke before I lit them, and then there was the brand new, very natty €78 Morphy Richards kettle,

Highly Useless Morphy Richards Over-Priced Kettle which would not work when out of its box, life scared it into submission. A mate of mine kindly went 75 miles round trip to get it exchanged.

Companies are buying low-grade rubbish from China and making huge profits putting respected company labels on stuff to fool punters into thinking they are quality items. Prada makes its €700 shoes in China—crooks eh?

Some items like the spade I bought are not labeled ‘Made in China’ so you have to ask, and you have to keep the receipts. Next time you have to exchange something charge $25 an hour for your time, see what they say, threaten to sue if they won’t cough up. Tee hee. (sw)

♫ “Nothing could be finer… than stuff NOT made in China.”♫

© Stuart Wilde 2011

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