Spiritual Practices—Chamomile

After lavender, chamomile is your best protector from amongst the flowers anyway.

I discovered in 2001 the ghouls do not like the resonance of chamomile, it might be the smell or more likely the molecular structure of it.

If you are sensitive you will find humans prickle your skin especially when you are out in crowds. It feels like stinging nettles, it’s quite painful. A lesser sensation of this kind that comes human darkness or etheric dirt* is extremes of itching. I have had the ‘itchy-itchy-scratch-scratch’ for 12 hours or more on occasions. It can drive you nuts so ugly and dirty and it hurts.

The itches are caused by what looks like small, sharp chards of brown glass hovering in the air, usually they are in an oblong box 30 feet long by 15 feet wide and 10 feet high. The box can easily cover a sidewalk, or a chunk of a supermarket parking lot.

I make chamomile tea and drink a bit so it is emitted from my skin, and when it cools I rub the tea on my skin. It helps with the itches but you have to put it on every thirty minutes or so.

Also put three or four chamomile tea bags in the bath, and soak in it when the dark forces or the mother-in-law is about. I wash my hair in chamomile tea as microscopic ghouls from the inner worlds collect in one’s hair, so wetting it and combing it often helps and the tea keeps them at bay.

We are not on a level playing field, there are all sorts of forces we don’t normally see. Truckin’ man truckin’. (sw)

* Etheric dirt, is emitted by humans from deep inside their soul and feelings, it sometimes smells of dry urine and it is often associated with the black lizard tongue I’ve mentioned before.

The black tongue shoots out of people’s mouths, it’s quite long, five inches sometimes, it comes out very fast, it can scare ya the first time you see it, it’s the effect of spite and gossip, and a bad ass attitude towards life and others.

* The dirt is also from pot and pornography as well as nasty sentiments, but mostly it is a manifestation of spiritual squalor, and some comes from a lack of personal hygiene. The etheric dirt that hovers around people is magnified by their sense of specialness and arrogance, which glues it close by to them.

I have always loved the hippies, but stay away from the dreadlocks one’s, there would be a trillion mini-ghouls on their heads never mind the germs—mega-eek-ness of the Third Kind!

Be polite but flea as fast as ya can. (sw)

© Stuart Wilde 2011


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