The Winter Solstice

The winter solstice (December 20-22) marks the last days of the old sun and the birth of the new sun. It was a sacred time in the Taoist tradition.

The monks of old China would fast for three days on plum wine taking a small drink every four hours with a large glass of water. The wine acts as a detox’ agent cleaning out your system, some people take a spoonful of vinegar each day for the same effect. During the time of the solstice the monks would tap on refectory tables in the dining hall non-stop for 72 hours. The ceremony goes from midnight on the 19th to midnight on the 22nd.

The fast and the tapping puts you in a mild trance and often you’ll see celestial visions, sometimes you see them with your eyes closed, and at other times you’ll see them eyes open right there at the table while tapping.

This is the third year we have performed this ceremony, we usually have about 30-50 people, and now the celestial sun of the Solar Logos has arrived to rescue us (see: articles at the ceremony will be ever more clear and beautiful.

If you have not got the time to tap you could still do the fast, it’s kind of nice at a time of extreme consumerism to be quite and consume nothing and go the other way.

The monks used carved bone pieces to tap with, we use bone chess pieces but any small item of metal or wood would be fine.

You might consider tapping with your friends or if you are on your own maybe tap one hour a day. If you choose that option then tap between three and four a.m. This is your strongest time of the day because the people in the area around you are mostly all asleep, and so the psychic interference is at its weakest, and the black fractal tubes that are sent out by people’s darkness are fairly dormant.

This year has been a challenge for me and many others but we will use the tapping at the solstice to renew our faith in the light, and to establish a strong platform of progress and learning for 2011.

Happy holidays, love, love, Stuie Wilde

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