Ayahuasca Visions

In November I was in Ecuador for nine Ayahuasca journeys with about 150 people. There were a dozen or more Aluna fighters who made the trip; they are people who can see in the Aluna Mirror-Worlds and they can kill the ghouls in there. They are brave. They go into the hell worlds and fight; it’s risky work. If you get killed in the Aluna Mirror-Worlds you die here on earth because your identity in there it is an exact replica of this human life.

Ayahuasca helps people resolve their karma and redeem themselves quickly for they see the celestial but they also see their darkness. Everyone comes in thinking they are normal. It is so sad they are so blind, yet watching them prancing about pretending to be normal is comical in a macabre sort of way.

Then they see the hellish nature of what they really are, their coldness or their spite or their human cruelty; they see their specialness and arrogance and/or their disdain for others, it is all there. People are demonically possessed without knowing it. Bloody grim really.

The ghouls are very clever at conning you into thinking there is nothing to fix. That is how they get to keep you as one of their own—a secret slave of the demonic. Some people come to the Ayahuasca ceremonies wanting to see their darkness and Aya’ shows them, and they then set about saving themselves, but most deny it.

We rescue people, but it is very tough as they fight us all the way. Humans fire black darts without knowing it. We get hit all the time, usually in the kidneys. So while we are trying to get some poor wretch out of the hell worlds, his or her inner self and the ghouls that are linked to them are trying to rub us out at the same time.

The ghoulish humans make us very sick; we get sudden nausea and the spontaneous need to vomit. Some people make our skin prickle as if we’ve been touched by stinging nettles, it’s painful. We have to fight and work twenty hours a day and cope with people’s darkness making us ill. It’s really hard.

One woman gave me diarrhea five times by just sitting close to me on a sofa by a fire. On one occasion I quickly walked away from her, rushing to the toilet and the rumblings in my gut suddenly stopped. So I walked back just to see if they would start up again, they did. Her range was six yards, after that I was safe. It’s the unprocessed human emotions that cause the sickness in us, or it’s people’s hidden evil.

Some Aluna fights go on for twelve hours at a stretch. So it takes stamina and tenacity. There are at least 970 levels in the hell worlds, layers of evil going deeper and deeper, ever more depraved. Near the bottom are the reptiles and below them is a hell world dimension that I call the “brown lumpy wall.”

Over eons the humans in hell lose their mobility, so first they lose their arms and legs and they become just an upper body and head that moves around by the force of will. They spit, or the more sophisticated ones fire pulses like artillery shells. But as time passes the ghoul-humans can’t move very much at all and they coagulate into a lumpy wall.

The wall is hundreds of miles long and in it one sees bits of former humans sticking out. A nose here, a ghoulish eye there; a row of hammer-head teeth that come from humans who were predators; a Swastika maybe, or a boney finger that is bandaged and covered in blood next to a hatchet. Strange stuff sticks out of the wall, remnants of evil that lived on earth hundreds or even thousands of years ago.

The humans still alive on earth also fire black spikes about eight to ten inches long that they try to insert into two points on one’s back that we call the linden points. If you pass a customer in the hallway and you’re close to them, the spikes will enter your etheric. When we see them in each other we pull them out quickly.

We are not allowed to retaliate, except on very rare occasions. We have to have permission from the Sacred Beings who oversee this Armageddon war; it is not often given. Sometimes we are riddled with holes and we get very listless and tired. Then we retreat and one or more of four celestial women who repair us by breathing on us.

It looks like we are winning the war in the end as the ghouls are very scared and they don’t come as close anymore, or rarely; the demonic humans are being carried away. They seem to go twitchy first, then insane; some have died already. It depends how fast the demonic possession gets them.

We fight for every single last person no matter how evil they are, right up to the point when we lose them. You can easily see the ones who have zero chance of survival. I used to keep that secret, but now I tell them in the hope they will turn the other way at the last minute. I’m not holding my breath. I have lost a lot of dear friends who swiveled and went to the dark.

We see golden armies in the Aluna massing to join us. We have been fighting for two years almost non-stop, so it’s a welcome sight. Sometimes the hooded sages appear. They are twelve foot tall, but we see them as if looking down the wrong end of a telescope, so to us they seem just a foot tall or slightly more. It’s an optical illusion; they are huge.

They guard a vortex and when a person stands in the vortex the ghouls inside them are sucked away like water down a plughole. You can see the ghouls exiting from the body of the person and disappearing into the ground. I have watched that process for many hours. It makes me happy.

When I first started talking about the ghouls inside people and the secret level of human darkness, no one believed me, but as people processed their shadow and they became more and more light they then saw the true horror of the human species. Human darkness goes in very deep, way more than we initially realized.

If you think humans are normal you have not gone very far on your spiritual journey, and if you want to know if there are ghouls around you, close your eyes. If you see darkness, that is the ghouls crowding out the light. If you have the celestial light inside you then you will see a blue-grey mist, or you will see a bright white light six to ten seconds after you close your eyes.

There is no hiding from the truth.

One man had an etheric rat on his head. It kept trying to crawl into his ear. It looked very deadly. Khris Krepcik was in Ecuador in the thick of the fighting. He said I should have removed the rat from the man’s head. I dithered. But I did tell the man about it. He asked me why it was there and I told him it was an entity possessing him, like a parasite, it is caused by the degradation of pornography. He knew exactly what I was talking about.

The man was from Belgium. I warn people never to go to Belgium. I have never gotten up close to a Belgian male who was not very sick indeed—infested. I used to have trouble with black magicians from Belgium but they died. Gaia is going to rub Belgium out; I watched that in the Aluna some years ago. I don’t think anyone will miss the place. The children will become safer. Belgium is the world capital for pedophilia. In the Aluna, the Sacred Beings showed me type of Belgium chocolate that give you cancer. Eek!

One man had a poisonous-looking black spider on his head—greed, I think. I worked on him and cleared it, but he then got little back spikes shooting out from his skull. They came from inside him, hatred for humanity, I reckon, like ill will. I wasn’t sure. I had to go back several times to dig him out of trouble.

Fat people are dangerous. Gluttony comes from self-hate and/or hatred for people and animals. The obese ones have thousands of parts of animal carcasses inside them; watching that always freaks me out. Their bellies are graveyards of the bones of dead animals. The pile of bones is taller than they are in the Aluna.

I saw one woman who had 20,000+ animal parts inside her. The pile in the Aluna was 15–20 feet high and 40–50 feet across. It was like a small hill of bones glued together with agony. She was oblivious to the pain she caused. I saw her flirting with a barman—poor bloke he must have sat on his glasses, she was beyond f’-ugly. Her fingers were scary, they looked like pink zucchini inserted into gaudy, cheap rings.

There might be a few fat people who are not demonically possessed but I’ve not met any. Certainly of the last two or three hundred fat people at the gigs or people I’ve seen in the street, I have not seen one who was free of the demonic. The myth of cheery fat people is a huge lie, it’s a trick to make one let one’s guard down.

I feel a compassion for the behemoths waddling about. They don’t stand a chance, so I pray for them silently, but I don’t go close anymore. A ghoul inside a human can jump across a road, twenty or thirty feet, say. To stay totally safe you have to be forty yards from the nearest person. Cities are deadly. There is a conflict we have to resolve between having a compassion for humanity and staying safe, it’s a balance we are still learning to cope with and understand.

Some of the customers who had real potential have been carried away by their demonic partners. Lust blinds people and often those who fell were not strong enough to stand on their own. The journey of the warrior-sage or the warrior women is a solitary path. They have to wait until they meet someone truly celestial. And as the celestial people are about one in a million, it might be a long wait.

Women are vulnerable to hitching up with a ghoul-man. They sell their souls to feel self-worth, or they sell their souls to protectors and providers. It’s a form of prostitution wrapped in chocolates and romance, so it does not have to be called what it really is. Women are victimized by choices they make when they are not in their right mind. Lust blinds ya, and the hormones of romance interfere with one’s ability to properly discern. I feel for their misery.

The Beings said: “The principles of lust are written in the sands of disappointment.” Interesting.

Evil women fire black fractals from their private parts. There are ghouls in the fractals; they have taken many a decent person both male and female off the path.

Women also fire a cloud we call the “lime green,” because of its color. It comes from specialness and jealousy; it is sticky and it makes one very sick. If you fight it, it wraps around you like a vine. The way to be rid of it is to blow on it very gently, but it can take hours to disperse. If you get angry it traps you ever more tightly so you have to stay calm.

But there again, men abuse women in 3-D, which is bloody awful, so the fractal queen may be part of their karma, and anyway there are no innocent victims. All the men I know who fell to the black fractal queens knew the lady in question was dead dodgy, but often they were too lazy to find someone else. Or their Mr. Nice Guy routine led them to perdition, as they didn’t think it important to preserve themselves. If you are under attack from these witches you have to go to celibacy for safety until they plop over. It takes about four to six months for them to fall to degradation and defeat. If you live with an abuse controlling man leave. Ditch him.

The men fire what we call the black attention, it’s like black soot, the best way to protect yourself if you are female is not put out any sexual energy, or not wear provocative clothes, or say provocative flirtatious things that might induce the black attention. It’s not good for you.

“There is a drama to the karma of the charmer you select.”—write that down.

I am always neutral. If a person wants to be rescued from an evil relationship I help them, if not I let them go to their death. One is not allowed to infringe—sad but true in most cases. Often I have gotten people out with a big fight in the Aluna only to see them head back to violence, degradation and sometimes black magic a few weeks later. That has happened many times. It feels so futile, but one has to try for them, it’s one’s duty.

One of my best friends fell recently. I warned him to no avail; it made me sad for days. Many of the people you know and love won’t make it, you have to understand that and accept it. “Death by bonking and romance” should be on official coroner’s reports if they want to be accurate.

Armageddon has been a great battle against the ghouls, hundreds of millions of them died. It was fought in the Aluna spirit worlds by the good spirits and their allies on earth, the human Aluna fighters. It’s an inner-world battle, but now it will transfer to earth and real battles will ensue as the demonic tries to capture as many of the humans it does not already have before the end.

Mayhem ensues as evil wipes out evil. But this is needed in order to restore order, and anyway this is a penal colony for humans who fell in a previous lifetime, or those who have fallen in this lifetime, so that’s our karma.

You can skip it if you want, but you have to let go and process your dark very quickly. “Time is not on our side,” as Morpheus said in The Matrix film. But good things are happening: we see the Christ Light on a daily basis and the mission of the avatars of the Christ Light is not far away. Energy is being transferred to others secretly.

You can have the same light but you have to be very pure and substantially processed of anything that might disgust the spirits. And vegetarianism is fairly compulsory as no meat-eater ever made it to safety as far as we can see.

You have to make peace with Gaia, as eating her children is not a tactic thought to impress the Gods. “And all the meat-eaters die in the end” . . . that is what the Spirits said some years ago. (sw)

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