10,000 Days

I saw a vision of a hot air balloon and instead of a basket

dangling underneath it there was a boat. I heard: “Eighty days around the world.” I didn’t understand it.

Then a week later at a very intense Ayahuasca ceremony in Ecuador, I saw a great golden light and the Shimmering Door appeared to me. The Shimmering Door is a portal to a Camelot world and it oscillates at 240 beats a minute. It was over my head like a dome.

The Shimmering Door seen as silver hexagons

I heard: “This journey of 10,000 days is over Mr. Wilde. Liverpool, exactly one year from today.”

I wrote my first book and began these teachings twenty-seven years ago, so that’s the 10,000 days that was referred to. Phew! Over Rover.

Liverpool is where the boats go from. I think I’m on a world tour via boats and trains this time next year. That was the feeling I got from the message. A few years ago we were told that all the planes would end by 2011, so boats and trains it is.

Six months ago I saw a vision of myself appearing at a football stadium in Brazil. There were 200,000 people in the stadium, in the seats and on the field. Brazil is very cruel and violent, they have no respect for the feminine spirit and even less for ecology and the animals—ghastly place, can’t imagine why on earth I would want to go there. The vision was not good news.

My guess is that one of the four Gaia hits that we have been waiting for (*see below) will take out the satellite navigation systems. I also saw a vision three times in three days that said, “War will end.” It was most insistent.

If the satellites go, America will have to retreat from its trumped–up wars. Four years ago I saw a vision of a butterfly landing on a tank in the desert in Iraq and the tank flipped over backwards.

So you won’t be able to go for a holiday in Hawaii unless you have a lot of time off, but all the boys and girls will be back from the wars. Seems healthy to me.

Then I saw a kitchen in Victorian times with old-fashioned implements and I was shown a stocking-maker’s shop from the same era. I watched as a lady in Victorian clothes stitched the heel of a stocking on a round mould.

So we are going back to the old ways. I never did understand how my iPod works; it’s just a fancy paperweight. It was invented by a man called Job—job implies hard work, that tells ya something. (sw)

* The Gaia hits are natural events that change the world in order to reduce consumption and protect the planet. They are natural changes—earthquakes, tsunamis, asteroids, ice melts and flooding, avian flu, nuclear accidents, and possibly a change in the angle of the rotation of the earth. I have seen that “earth tilt” and so have other visionaries, like Khris Krepcik, that I communicate with.

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