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I was on an Aya’ journey when I began to see the You Tube clips I’ve placed at my channel stuartwilde1.

I watched an image of myself like a photo side into a You Tube clip from 90°coming in from another dimension from the right hand side moving toward the center of the video clip.

And I saw the codes in the video clips and how they open doors for people. It was complex to watch. It seems to be a part of a grid to wrap the ghouls.

The beings showed me an orb, which was a round ball of gold or brass with a cross on the top and the ghouls were imprisoned in the orb, trapped for now or maybe trapped for eons I don’t know.

The orb was a little bit bigger than a grape fruit maybe the size of a small melon, but there were thousands maybe ten of thousands of ghouls in there. And as I’d see a few ghouls in the Aluna floating past I’d stick them in the orb saying “It’s time for you wankers to go into orbit”—tee hee.

It was so much fun and from time-to-time the orb would morph to look like the entire planet so I came to see how we’ll wrap and pack the demonic and restore order eventually. If you have a minute please let the mice know that the cat’s back from its holiday on Cloud Nine!

I saw the You Tubes form a global grid as they are played in various countries every moment of every hour of the day; they make a net that helps us become safer. If you click the ‘subscribe’ button on the SW site You Tube send you an email when a new clip is posted.

We know the Gayatri Mantra makes the ghouls that hover around you that you pick up during the day very sick, so try and play that twice a day as you are getting ready for work say, or while fixing dinner at night. The other clip you might consider book marking is the Dies Irae. It terrifies the ghouls and brings them to despair as it reminds them that they are about to be terminated. (sw)

The Gayatri Mantra
Richard Tyler & Stuart Wilde
{24 minute mp3 download. $4.00}

This spoken and musical rendition of the famous Gayatri mantra by Tyler and Wilde is made-up as a 24 minute meditation for download. It evokes bliss and joy.

We have seen visions of the ghouls in the Aluna worlds listening to the mantra and throwing up. We have seen this several times—how wonderful is that!

So put it on your ipod or on your computer and play it just before bed and the sacred sound will help protect you at night when you are vulnerable to dark influences. Or, play it first thing in the morning as a 24-minute prayer, meditation to set up your day in a beautiful spiritual setting.

Here is a 3-minute version as a YouTube video:
“Gayatri Mantra Honoring the Gods”

Download Instructions:
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3. Save and Make a Back Up Copy of Your Digital Purchase.

The Gayatri Mantra
Richard Tyler & Stuart Wilde
{24 minute mp3 download. $4.00}

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