The Horse (AS)

I was watching a translucent brown glass like pane that had appeared on my living room wall across from me when a horses head pushed through it, stretching it like cellophane, pushing farther and farther into the room. The horse eventual stepped right into the room and stood facing me. He had an enormous presence that literally filled the room. It was difficult to say if he was a very dark bay or black colored thoroughbred with a black blanket on his back.

As the horse moved his nose near my face a ring of thorns like the crown of thorns Jesus wore during his crucifixion appeared around his nose and mouth. I reached up and gently pulled the ring off his nose and instinctively turned to the right and held it out…. The ring disappeared….

When I turned back to face the horse I saw the crown had either gone back or another crown had appeared. I again gently pulled it from of his nose and felt the instinctive fast movement of turning right and as I did a man I know stood near me. I placed the crown of thorns on his head.

When I turned back yet another crown was there, and as before I turned and placed this one on Mr. Wilde’s head who was now standing to my right…

On the next go round when I tried to place it on the person’s head it wouldn’t go, another person came forward to that spot and I placed the crown on their head…

This cycle repeated for a total of five times and possibly six as there was an extremely fast sequence or cycle that happened in a flash. During this I felt the presence of a man that has appeared before in conjunction with the JC visions.

It wasn’t until the end that I figured out where the first crown of thorns went… do you know?

All of the people in this vision are linked to Stuart & his teachings, and they feel linked to the returned Christos energy and real things here in 3d yet to come.


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