The ancient worlds of the Camelot legend exist in this modern 3-D dimensions here on earth today. I call them the Tolemac as I was told by m’ ol’ teacher years ago that Merlin was a being that was going backwards-in-time. So I flipped the name. These modern Tolemacs exist as overlays in and through our 3-D reality.

The entrances sometimes look to us like arches of flower. Beyond the arch is what seems to be a hallway ten-to-fifteen yards long (See articles section “The Shimmering Door”).

As you walk into one of these anomalies you may not actually see it but if you raise your hand and walk slowly with the back of your hand held up and facing forwards you will feel the anomaly is slightly hotter than the surrounding area. The back of your hand is more sensitive than the palm.

There are at least six hundred of these anomalies round the world. Some are in beautiful places like Kashmir and the Caribbean and many are just on city streets. There are two in downtown Dublin and there is one in South Kensington, London. I know of about sixty.

The Inner-World Beings began fifteen years ago giving me visions of where they are. I go there and stand in the arch and say some special prayers. The words and sounds I utter are ancient fractal trip codes that I was taught. Sometimes, I leave a gift there, a gold ring, a silver bracelet, or some crystals, whatever I have ready at the time.

But here’s the extraordinary part of this, the arches are essentially inside you, so potentially you can become the doorway to another world.

Ding Ding! “Please advance…if you care to.” SW

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