The Mystery of the Goddess Aya’

Several years ago I became attracted to the ayahuasca temples. It was part of my search to find a doorway into the mirror worlds. Aya’ is a sacred brew from the Amazon used by the shamans as a medicine and also for awareness.

The main component of the ayahuasca brew (DMT) is found naturally in the body, so while governments like to insist it’s a drug, most people consider ayahuasca a sacrament, albeit a powerful one. In Brazil it is legal and there it forms part of the ceremonies of the Santo Daime church. In some countries like Switzerland, Holland, and Australia it is semi-legal; in so much as there aren’t any seizures of the brew.

In America, where the doctors and the big pharmaceutical companies have everyone under tight control, everything is illegal, but the UDV another ayahuasca church, have won several court cases against the government and the DEA (see below). So in the States ayahuasca rests in limbo for the moment with the legal position still rather unclear.

The Aya’ vine has an intelligence of its own. If you take one journey and you wait a year before you take another, the ayahuasca knows where you left off, and it picks up from there. Aya’ rest in a rotation through a hyperspace of super knowing, and that knowing has a curriculum of its own. I have the deepest respect for it. I see it as the university of the mother-goddess; the manifestation of the feminine spirit teaching us about her world.

Just as the fractal pictured here is a mathematical drawing of the spaces between our three dimensions, the goddess Aya’ carries you into that same transdimensional gap. Imagine going into this fractal–pick any spot. As you go deeper and deeper, there are more and more fractal pictures, one inside the next. You might be looking at only a few square inches of a picture whose total size could be as large as the entire universe.

The world of Aya’ is the same. She is vast. You often travel via the spirit of Aya’ into a fractal dome of stunning geometric shapes and then beyond that through ‘ the gap’ into other realities. There transdimensional beings come and find you: angelic healers, helpers, and teachers from another dimension. Often those beings are so far removed from our reality they aren’t human at all, but they do seem to have an immense love for us. They are showing us as much as we can take_as much of ‘reality’ as we can cope with. What we learn is only limited by how much we can let go.

I am not an expert on ayahuasca as I have only ever been on two journeys. But I made sure I suggested it to everyone close to me, as I knew that if they hadn’t seen the University of Aya’ they wouldn’t really have lived. It’s very hard to comprehend our place in the nature of things while the human mind keeps the truth of reality from us. Aya’ rewires your brain. You are never the same. Once you see it in all its magnificence, you understand.

Whatever your “ism” is, it is bound to be pure BS or mostly BS – sad but true. That is because there aren’t any words to properly describe the transdimensional worlds. The reality of them is utterly beyond words, dogma and concepts. No one can tell you what it is like, at best they can offer to take you there so you can see for yourself. Red pill – blue pill, really.

Once you enter and look back, it changes your life. You begin to walk free. You see what you have been laboring under. What you understand is that creation is so vast, so enormous, so magnificent, it’s pointless standing on ceremony about anything. All we know for certain is that we know very little.

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* Excerpt: UDV – Unico do Vegetal (translation roughly … Union of the plants)

10th Circuit: Church likely to prevail in dispute over hallucinogenic tea

A New Mexico church was handed a small victory yesterday when a federal appeals court ruled its use of hallucinogenic tea was likely to be protected under religious-freedom laws. The 2-1 ruling by a three-judge panel of the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver, upheld a preliminary injunction against the U.S. attorney general, the Drug Enforcement Administration and other government agencies that sought to prohibit the tea’s use. The panel majority agreed with the U.S. District Court in New Mexico that the Brazil-based O Centro Espirita Beneficiente Uniao do Vegetal church had “demonstrated a substantial likelihood of success” of winning an exemption for sacramental use of the tea, which contains a drug barred by the Controlled Substances Act.

Jeffrey Bronfman, president of the church, (grandson of Segram’s) sued The Justice Department alleging, among other claims, violations of the First Amendment and the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Bronfman sued after 30 gallons of hoasca tea were seized by U.S. Customs agents from his office in Santa Fe, N.M. No one was arrested in the 1999 raid. Hoasca tea, used in some religious ceremonies, is brewed from plants found only in the Amazon River Basin. The church originated in Brazil and its U.S. operations are based in Santa Fe. About 130 people, many of them Brazilian citizens, are members of the U.S. branch, according to court documents.

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